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This is the R/S fanfiction category. This is where you will find fanfiction that has Ryu and Sakura as a couple. If you are looking for fanfiction that is mainly about Ryu or Sakura without them necessarily being a couple, then click here for Ryu, and here for Sakura.

Attack of the Dark Cherry Blossom

The story that started it all...brought R/S fans out of the closet, and inspires several R/S fans to this very day. It was the very first R/S story on FF.net as well as the very first R/S lemon.

When Dreams of Her Dark Destiny start to affect her, can Sakura turn to Ryu for help? And will she tell him of her feelings for him?

Satsu no Hadou Saga
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Reunion Saga (Love of a Dragon chapters)
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When Two Worlds Collide
Trippy Libby

My very first R/S supporter. I am always grateful for the fact that she stuck around with me for so long. And once she wrote her R/S fic, I felt like Ryu and Sakura were only going to get bigger. She continues to make me feel that what I do for Ryu and Sakura isn't a waste of time. She is just one of the many fans that keeps R/S alive! If you are reading this Libby, I gotta talk to you on aim or msn or something! You are just too cool of a person to not get to know better!

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Eternal Spring
Chan Yoruymatiha

Ah yes, my cute little apprentice. Her story is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever read, and she also continues to give me a reason to do the stuff that I do. She is my little sister, always giving me advice when I need it or just a smile to cheer me up. If you like my work then you are sure to love hers!

COMPLETED A RyuxSakura romance! The growing affection between Ryu and Sakura blossoms into a beautiful love, but can it endure through the obstacles to come, especially with Bison?

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Cherry Blossom Dragon
Sakura Yosei

I remember finding this gem one random day while surfing through the SF section at FF.net. But when I did, it was like everything stopped. The story was just written so well. It made me proud to be an R/S fan. Very proud.
What Happend when Ryu finally takes in Sakura as a student? A Romance!

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