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Konnichiwa!  I am Saikyo Master Dan Hibiki!  Here is a brief guide of what to expect from the site!
Articles are where you will find commentaries,questions, and theories about things Street Fighter or Capcom related.  It is also here where you will find reviews and rants of things such as the live action SF 2 movie.
The Ryu page is all about Ryu.  A bio about him, movelists, game info, as well some questions concerning him.
The Sakura page is all about Sakura.  A bio, movelist, game info, as well as questions about your favorite Cherry Blossom fighter.
Pictures allows you to look at a gallery of stuff starring the King and Queen of Shotokan!
Fanfiction is where you can read stories about Ryu and Sakura.
The Games gives either a description or a review of the Street Fighter games that Ryu and Sakura have appeared in.  You can also get some info about the character's role in that particular game as well as check out endings for them.
Links allows you to go to other SF related sites as well as other fun places that Trutenor goes to.
FAQ is where questions about the site would be found.
And the guestbook is if you want to leave our Webmaster a message.