The Games

Here are the answers to some questions that you might have for me.
Q: What happened to your site?  Where are the interviews?  Why is it on a different address?  Why were you gone for so long?
A: I'll make it short .  Someone that hung out on a message board that some friends and I used to visit gave us a lot of problems.  They reported to Tripod and they erased my site, along with some of my most precious stuff.  This person is also responsible for getting James Street Kombat Raiders page erased and almost succeeded in removing Sarah's as well.  As you can see though, I won't back down.  I'm still alive and slowly bringing this site back up to speed.
Q: Why does it take so long for you to update?
A: Well ladies and gentlemen...life has suddenly become a major bitch...Juggling a job and college is no easy task.  I've found a way to manage it, but I know that it has deprived me of much of my free time.  There are some people who wonder what happened to me( Jagwire, Sanzochan).
Q: When will the next chapter or newest fic come out?
A: Good question.  Truth is, I really don't know.  I haven't hung up the fanfiction jacket, but with so many more priorities in real life, things have become crazy.  And as far as fanfiction goes, I write about more then just Street Fighter.  I still have a Naruto fic to finish (Acknowledgement) as well as some new Pokemon lemons to write and a new R/S story.
Q: Why do you like writing lemon so much?
A: I guess since lemon is considered to be "forbidden fruit", the thrill of writing something erotic excites me.  Also, writing lemon means that I don't have to censor anything.  I don't like to have to censor things or give something a low rating unless it's what I've intended from the beginning.
Q: Your site sucks!  Ryu is not a pedophile!  Why do you put him with Sakura?  He is in love with Chun Li!
A: Ah yes...the rabid R/CL fanboys who feel that Ryu and Chun Li was written in stone and that changing it is sacreligious.  Ironic that I used to be one...
First of all, I don't hate R/CL.  I still like the couple.  However, my feelings towards it have changed over the years.  I am a lot more open minded now.  And it shows that I'm not the only one.  Since I wrote "Attack of the Dark Cherry Blossom", the very first R/S story on fanfiction.net, a lot more R/S fanfiction has popped up.  And not everyone is a pro-R/CL fan.  Gilgamesh, who owns Kikouken.com, the SF website for Chun Li fans, is anti-R/CL!  Some of my closest friends aren't really too keen on R/Cl either.
And about the claims of me promoting pedophilia...
You don't know a thing about Japan, cause over in the land of the rising sun, a girl can be thirteen and it will be perfectly legal for a male adult to date her, or even sleep with her.  Think I'm making this up?  Then why is it in the manga/anime Shaman King by Hiroyuki Takai, you have a twenty something guy named Bokutou no Ryu (Ryu of the wooden sword) wooing after thirteen year old girls like Anna and Tamao?  In Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha, the main character Inuyasha is in love with a 15 year old girl (Kagome Higurashi), and technically, Inuyasha is over 50 years old!  And don't get me started on Sailor Moon or Yugioh (and if you still want to know about that, then go to my friend Michi's site, and she will tell you everything that you need to know about Sailor moon). So before you start pointing fingers at me, take the time to understand the cultural differences of Japan.  A girl is legal to date at a minimum of thirteen years old (or fourteen, one of those 2).  To people that don't live in certain parts of Asia, it is...different since we were raised to believe that girls under eighteen (or 16, depending on where you live) are wrong.  But it's not the same around the world, so we have to be a bit more openminded.
Q: Can I send anything in?
A: Sure!  Go right ahead!
Q: Can I use a (picture, article) for a site that I'm doing?
A: Depends on the aformentioned object.  For pictures, if they are pics that have been everywhere, then go ahead.  Original pics drawn by me or a fan or friend (like Chan) require permission or at least a credit.  With sprites, you should just give credit to the person that I gave credit to.
Q: What is your real name?  Where do you live?  What do you do for a living?  Why do you call yourself Trutenor? 
A: Oh yes...the personal questions...well you don't really need to know my real name.  Only the closest people to me know it and they won't just go blabbing it out everywhere.  (  live in Maryland for the time being. Work really doesn't matter, since it's just a part time thing.  I'm in my last year of college right now studying business management (which I'm going to use in collaboration with my music and writing).  My ultimate goal in life is to bring happiness to people through my creativity.  I plan on accomplishing that with books (I'm currently writing a book), plays, and maybe a tv show or cartoon if you're lucky.  The name Trutenor is a pun on my musical studies growing up.  In real life, I can play a cello, piano ( a litle bit), a recorder, as well as sing tenor.  With the male vocal parts, you have bass, tenor, and baritone.  A baritone is somewhere between a tenor and bass.  Baritone's can sing tenor parts but technically are not tenor's since their voice range doesn't go high enough.  So with me calling myself "Trutenor", I am saying that I am actually a tenor and not a "fake one..." or a baritone.  Nothing against baritone's btw...
Q: What is your race?  How old are you?  Will you send me a picture of what you look like? etc..
A: Even more personal questions.  With race, I am African-American and Native American (Cherokee on both sides of my family, Seminole, and Blackfoot, with a possible fourth tribe).  I am in my mid twenties.  The only people that will get a pic are the closest people to me.  So that means that unless your name is Sarah Amaya, Sanzo chan, Denice, or someone else extremely close to me, you will be dissapointed.  I don't want any unwanted stalkers.
Q: Are you the same Trutenor that posts on places like Gamefaqs or Gamespot?
A: Yep.  That's me.  Best place to find me is either the Street Fighter section or the latest Pokemon game.  I picked up some vital info from a couple of people  and it's going to prove to be useful.
Q: How do I contact you?
A: AIM: Trutenor2001.  email: trutenor@yahoo.com or trutenor2001@aol.com.  Or reply in my gbook or a message board that I frequent. 
That's all for now.