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Disclaimer: Don't own Ryu, Sakura, or anything else associated with Street Fighter. Capcom owns all of that. All I own is this story, a piano, and a cello...

Out on the field in Japan, Ryu was facing an opponent that he didnt think he would be facing for a while. Sakura Kasugano. She said she had improved her training and wanted to see how much better shes gotten. That was enough for Ryu to accept her challenge. What Ryu didn't know however, was that Sakura had a few surprises in store for him...


Ryu threw a fireball towards Sakura, but she side-stepped it so it wouldn't hit her.

"(Man, I'm impressed. No one has ever done something so strategic like that before. She has really changed...)"

Now it was Sakura's turn to attack.

Sakura ran towards Ryu before delivering a kick. As she anticipated, Ryu blocked it. She then threw attacks at random. She had to keep the attacks random, or else Ryu would discover a pattern. Her plan seemed to work for a while. Ryu was forced to block without a counter-attack. But Ryu was always the clever one. He just jumped into the air and delivered his famous Hurricane Kick...


Sakura was hit three times before she fell to the ground. She didn't seem to be getting up...

"You gotten a lot stronger Sakura. I'm proud of you..."

Ryu started to reach his hand out to try and help Sakura, but that's where her first surprise began...

"It's not over yet, Ryu. In fact, its just beginning..."

Sakura got off the ground. She slowly got back into stance and started to charge her energy. A black aura surrounded her...

Ryu's eyes opened wide in shock. Why did Sakura have a black aura? The only people who had black auras were Akuma, and himself...Whenever he was under the influence of Satsu no Hado. She didn't have the same ability as well, could she?

Ryu's questions were finally answered when Sakura developed a slightly darker skin tone.

"Sakura! You don't know what you're doing! Dont give in to the evil intent!"

"But I know exactly what I'm doing, my sweet Ryu And this is just one of the surprises that I have in store for you..."

Sakura had a seductive tone in how she said those words. Ryu felt something was up. But he had to stop Sakura.

Ryu tried to deliver a jump kick to Sakura, but she just teleported behind him. When Ryu landed, Sakura delivered a very powerful kick to Ryus back. He gasped in pain, as he was so stupid. It was not like him to be so rash. Thats what he would have expected from Ken or Sagat, but not from himself. As Ryu turned around, Sakura delivered a punch to the gut. This attack was so strong, that Ryus eyes closed from the pain received. When Ryu reopened his eyes, Sakura was gone...

Something was not right. Sakura was gone, but Ryu could still sense evil intent in the air. He got back into his fighting stance and tried to find Sakura. After a while, the evil intent just disappeared. Ryu finally let down his guard, thinking that the battle was over. But that was the biggest mistake that he could have made...

Out of nowhere, Sakura came dashing at Ryu, with one knee held off the ground.


Ryu was instantly hit 15 times before he fell down to his knees. The last thing he saw was Sakura flirting with him. Then he passed out.

"I've finally caught you, Ryu. Ive waited for you for a long time...You are going to have some fun for the next couple of days. When I'm through with you, you wont want any other woman but me...

Sakura lightly kissed Ryu's lips. She picked up his unconscious body and teleported away...