The R/S Shrine: 3 years and still going!
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3 years and still going?  In the Immortal words of Ric Flair...


Never thought I would see this day.  When I first started this site 3 years ago, I knew that some people saw me as a joke.  I knew there were some that wanted me to burn...there were even some that thought I would never last, but I've proved them all wrong...

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm still here, and you know what?  I ain't goin nowhere!

The average life for a website is three years.  Most become "abandoned" or "dead" after about two years when the webmaster either loses interest in the site, or real world starts to become more important.  Well I'll be honest.  When my site got erased about a year ago due to a troublemaker, I almost considered calling it quits.  I mean, basically my goal with this site was to promote the bond between Ryu and Sakura.  And you know what?  I've kinda already done that. 

Before I wrote "Attack of the Dark Cherry Blossom", the majority of Street Fighter fanfiction that you saw was RCL, RCL, and more RCL.  After Cherry Blossom had it's moment in the sun (kinda like a real life cherry blossom), things started to change in the fanfiction world.  Now, the idea of a romance between Ryu and Sakura doesn't sound absurd anymore.  Now, it is as accepted as the original pairing of RCL (Ryu and Chun Li).


As for the site...I am honored (and I really mean this) to be mentioned on various other sites.  It  shows that I have made somewhat of an impact.  I mean, Spence of Dan's Super Dojo has me linked (I also link back to him, so it's an even trade), and even Gilgamesh, the owner of, knows of my existence.  And then there was Racewing, who was probably wondering what I was up to so many years ago.  I know I probably made him want to hurl a couple of times when I started out (Sakura Kasugano is one of his favorite video game gals if not his favorite), and at first, Cherry Blossom made him want to spew.  But I've grown a lot since then, and Racewing, if you are by some strange chance reading this, I have 2 things to say: Thank you, and "Didn't think I would last this long, did you?"

And last, but definitely not least , there are the fans.  I've gotten to meet some great people over the years thanks to this site, and it is also from meeting some people that "Rage of Ken", the sister site of the R/S shrine was born.

This site stays around for you fans, and for the fact that if I dared to shut it down, a couple of people would hunt me down and make me update!

So in closing, I say this: There is going to be a lot more R/S goodness coming up!  I'm not even close to done yet!  I'm going to continue to make this site grow, and continue to give you Ryu and Sakura goodness.  Thank you everyone that visits this site.  You are the reason why I still do it.