The Ryu and Sakura pairing
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Seeing that I am usually the first person that people think of when it comes to the Ryu/Sakura pairing, I feel that I am obligated to write this article.
To be quite honest, I had no idea that I would become the one that would bring forth a Ryu/Sakura pairing.  That was not a plan of mine.  One of the main reasons for writing "Attack of the Dark Cherry Blossom" was simply because the RCL pairing had been done to death. 
Now let's look at the reason why some people would oppose or hate R/S.
"Sakura is only a kid, and Ryu is not a pedophile, you sick freak!"
This is the biggest one.  As I mentioned in the FAQS, age preference changes a lot depending on where you live.  In North America and some European countries, the minimum age is set to sixteen or eighteen.  In some Asian countries, it can be as low as thirteen.  And something else to consider: How do we know that Ryu's not a pedophile?  How do we know that Ryu isn't even gay for that matter?  While it is official knowledge that Street Fighter characters Zangief and Eagle are gay, whose to say that Ryu isn't?  Since Capcom of Japan hasn't officially stated anything about their "poster boy", we know little to nothing about Ryu.  So how can anybody prove anything about Ryu's preference's without some knowledge to back up their claims?  Also, even if "officially" Ryu did like Sakura in a romantic manner, who said that he wouldn't wait until she matured a little?  I've had  R/S haters flaming me saying that my stories are wrong and bad, cause Sakura is just a kid.  What some of those haters don't realize is that for my first R/S story, I upped Sakura's age to her mid twenties so she was technically an adult.