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This page not only lists Ryu's special moves, but will also provide a picture for them.  Unless otherwise stated, the pictures provided here are mine, so if you want to use them (even as crappy as they are), you have to ask me first, or at least provide a link to my page if you do use them.  Otherwise, I'll report you and let's just say things won't be so nice from there...
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Hadouken (Surge strike)
1st Appearance: Street Fighter 1
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch


Ryu channels ki into his hands and then releases the collected energy in the form of a powerful blue fireball.  The speed of the fireball is determined by the punch button used.  In Street Figher Alpha 3, this attack becomes weaker the further from Ryu it travels.

Shoryuken (Rising Dragon Punch)
1st Appearance: Street Fighter 1
Forward, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch


Ryu leaps into the air and delivers a powerful fist to his opponent.  The height Ryu travels is determined by the strength of the punch used.  Ryu is completely invulnerable while using the Shoryuken except in Street Fighter 3, where only Ryu's fist is invulnerable.

Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Tornado Whirlwind Kick)
1st Appearance: Street Fighter 1
Down, Down-Back, Back, Kick


Ryu jumps up and travels across the screen like a helicopter with this spinning kick attack.  The distance traveled depends on the kick button used.  In Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition and every game that comes after it, Ryu's hurricane kick will always knock down the opponent  after the first hit connects fully.  In Street Fighter Alpha 3 however, Ryu can continue to juggle his oppenent after the first successful hit unless the opponent uses an air recover.  In addition, this move can also be used in the air.

Shakunetsu Hadouken (Blazing Surge Strike)
First Appearance: Glitch in SF2, SF2 Champion Edition, and SF2 Turbo if you used Ryu or Ken and threw a fireball, Official Appearance: Super Street Fighter 2
Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, 2 Punches in SF 3: 3rd Strike (Uses up 1 level of energy)


Ah, yes!  The infamous red fireball!  Anyway, this is a stronger version of the regular Hadouken.  It burns the opponent up upon contact, and if Ryu uses this up close on an opponent, he automatically knocks them down to the ground.  And on an interesting note, the glitch is stll intact in Hyper SF2 if you choose Ryu or Ken and don't choose Super or Super Turbo version.