Ryu and Sakura Shrine
Chapter 5: The Awakening of Dark Sakura

Sakura felt so happy. She had spent the entire day with Ryu, and now he was going to spend the night at her apartment. Sakura knew that this would be her one opportunity to tell Ryu how she felt about him, but how was she going to do it? She couldn't just blurt it out of the open. If Ryu didn't feel the same way, she would be crushed...

The two of them finally made their way back to Sakura's apartment. Sakura put her key into the keyhole and unlocked her door. Although it was an apartment, inside it looked huge. Sakura was able to afford this nice apartment because of all the tips she got and the extra money she earned from Street Fighting every once in a while.

"I'll show you to your room..."

As Sakura was leading Ryu to the room that he would be sleeping in, Sakura started to feel a little warm. Sweat started to run down Sakuras forehead.

"Are you all right Sakura?"

"Yeah...I'm fine. I must be hot..."

Sakura wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand. Sakura then opened up the door to the bedroom that Ryu would be spending the night in.

"Make yourself at home."

Ryu stepped into the bedroom and closed the door, getting himself ready for bed. Sakura went back to her room, which was across from Ryu's. When she opened the door, Sakura started to feel warm again. She also started to feel a little dizzy...

"What's wrong with me?"

Sakura had to lean against the wall to keep her body from falling to the floor. Sakura managed to maintain her balance and picked out a pink nightgown to sleep in. She couldn't sleep in her purple one because that's the one that she had a dream about Ryu in.

Ryu had nothing on but a pair of shorts. He was doing a couple of stretches before the door knocked. Ryu got up and opened the door, revealing Sakura on the other side.

"Hey Sakura. Did you need anything?"

Sakura was in a trance. Ryu was a god. His chiseled body was perfect. She wanted to eat him up. She started to blush bright red from what she was seeing.

"Are you all right?"

Sakura shook her head to clear her mind.

"I'm fine Ryu."

"Maybe you should go to bed. You don't look so well. We can talk in the morning."


Sakura gave Ryu a hug. Ryu's arms felt so good! Sakura never wanted to let go of Ryu. He was all that she needed. But like all good things, it had to end sometime...

Sakura got control of herself and released her hold that she had on Ryu. She said good night, and went back to her room to get some sleep.

Sakura was still blushing from the hug that she gave Ryu. God, she loved him! If only a hug could make her feel that good, imagine how good it would feel to be inside him...

"(Sakura! That's not right! Ryu is a friend! Dont think of him that way!)"

After scolding herself, Sakura got into her bed and closed her eyes. Hopefully she would feel better after a good nights rest...


It was dark outside. Sakura and Ryu were facing each other. The sky was midnight black from a thunderstorm. Without warning, Sakura ran towards Ryu and threw a couple of punches. Ryu blocked the first one, and dodged the second before knocking Sakura off her feet with a foot sweep. Something about this fight was familiar, but what?

Sakura got back on her feet and charged up some ki. Sakura let out a big fireball and destroyed the top half of Ryu's karate gi. Now that Ryu was topless, Sakura started to feel weird in her stomach. What was weird about this feeling was that it felt good. Ryu was so attractive without a shirt. As Sakura looked at Ryu, she suddenly started to feel warm again. Black ki was starting to appear around her body. It seemed to be taking control of her, as she couldnt move. The black ki started to become bigger and more visible. Eventually the ki formed into an aura, surrounding Sakuras entire body. The weird feeling inside Sakura's stomach started to spread throughout the rest of her body. Sakura started to feel extremely hot. It seemed like the aura surrounding her would burn her, but it didn't.

Instead, the aura seemed to melt into her body. As it was doing this, Sakura noticed that her skin tone was also a lot darker.

"(What's happened to me?)"

Sakura looked back at Ryu. An evil grin came upon her face. Sakura was thinking lustful thoughts about Ryu. She wanted to taste him. And she was going to get that chance...

"(Ryu looks so good. I've got to have him...)

"(No! This isn't right! I won't let you do this to him!)"

Sakura's conscience was in a battle between good and evil. Her good side was the side that stood for truth and innocence. Her darker side however, was about lust and fulfilling those desires by any means necessary...

"(Shut up! You know that you want Ryu just as much as I do!)"

"(I do want Ryu! But this isn't the way!)"

"(I'll show you the way!)"

It seemed that Sakura's darker side was winning. Sakura looked back at Ryu and charged him.

Ryu got into a defensive stance and prepared himself for whatever Sakura might do.

Just as Sakura was about to hit Ryu, she disappeared right through him.

"Sakura can teleport?"

Ryu was shocked by what Sakura had just executed. But he was too slow to counter-attack. When Sakura had reappeared behind Ryu, she wrapped both of her arms around his waist. Sakura then opened her mouth and bit into his neck.

Sakura started to glow a black aura again. She felt enormous energy from sucking at Ryu's neck.


Sakura went to her knees and ripped apart Ryus pants and boxers. Her dark energy increased, as she finally saw Ryu in the nude.

Sakura grabbed Ryu's manhood, and started stroking it. Her black aura became brighter almost immediately...

"(No! I dont want to do this! Not to Ryu!)"

"(Yes you do! Ryu is yours! With this power, you can do whatever you want!)"

"('Im not evil!)"

"(Yes you are! Every warrior that practices Shotokan has a strong chance of awakening the Dark Hadou!)"

"(That's a lie!)"

"(Don't deny the truth, Sakura. Even Ryu has to deal with this power on a daily basis. You've seen him try to resist. But just like you, he is weak. He won't be able to resist this power for long. But lets not worry about him for now. Accept your destiny. Become Dark Sakura...)"


Sakura let go of Ryu. Ryu suddenly disappeared. Sakura's body started to feel weird again. The dark energy seemed to be coming out of her body. But it went in front of her and formed a shadow. A very familiar shadow. This shadow figure had on a sailor senshi outfit, a black headband, and had a dark skin tone. This figure was the side that Sakura was trying to fight. This was Dark Sakura.

"Now you see me with your very eyes..."

"What do you want?"

Sakura still couldnt believe that she was looking at a darker version of herself. It all seemed too unbelievable.

"To help you..."

"Help me?"

Sakura was so na´ve. She had no idea what her darker side was talking about.

"Yes. You see, you and I, we are the same person. I'm just your dark side. The side that you try to keep in, but no more! I'm tired of sitting around like a little schoolgirl! You and I both know that Ryu is who we want!"

Sakura was silent as her darker side continued to talk.

"I want to explore him fully, but you are too much of a wuss to do anything about it!"

Sakura still didn't say a word.

"So its about time that I take charge of things. Dont worry. I won't hurt Ryu. I just want to pleasure him and I want him to pleasure us..."

Sakura suddenly became very angry. But she still spoke with a firm voice.

"Thats lust you're talking about. I don't want to do that to Ryu. I love him too much to defile him."

"Don't kid yourself, Sakura. We both know that you want him inside you just as bad as I do..."

"No! I mean yes! I mean..."

"Just submit to the power that I have to offer you. Think about it, you'll be able to have your way with him, just like the dream..."

"The dream wasn't right. I defiled Ryu and myself. I will never do such a thing!"

"Fine. Have it your way. I tried to be nice. I tried to be reasonable. But now it seems that I'm going to have to take control by force!"

Dark Sakura grabbed on to Sakura and started to strangle her. Sakura was fighting to try and keep Dark Sakura from possessing her body.


Ryu suddenly opened his eyes. He thought he heard something. He suddenly felt something inside his stomach, something evil...

"(Where is this energy coming from?)"

Ryu got out of the bed. He felt around the room. There was a strong source of evil energy coming from the door.


Ryu opened the door. He saw a great bit of light coming from Sakura's door. Ryu opened the door. What he saw shocked him...

Sakura's bedroom looked strangely familiar.

"(But this is the first time that I've been here. So why does it feel like I've been here before?)"

Ryus' thoughts were stopped as he heard a scream.


Sakura was glowing a bright black and red aura. Her skin tone was darker than usual. Her eyes were shifting from normal, to blood red before closing again. This frightened Ryu, for he knew what this meant...

"Sakura has the potential to be evil like Akuma and myself? This is not good..."

Sakura was still asleep, but she was screaming and her ki was growing rapidly.


"I've got to stop her before its too late..."

Ryu went to Sakura's bed and grabbed Sakura.

"Sakura! Wake up!"

Ryu was shaking Sakura and trying to wake her up, but her dark energy was starting to go inside Ryu. Ryu could feel himself starting to give in to the evil energy.

"No! I can't give in! Sakura needs me! Sakura, wake up!"

Ryu continued to shake Sakura.

Inside her dream, Sakura was engaged in combat with her darker self.

"It seems someone is interfering from outside. We shall meet again, Sakura..."

Dark Sakura suddenly vanished. Sakura fell to the floor.


Ryu was still trying to wake Sakura up. Slowly, her eyelids opened up.

"Sakura, are you all right?"

Sakura was quiet as she looked into Ryu's eyes. Suddenly, her eyes became watery.

"Oh Ryu! I'm so sorry!"

Sakura laid her head into Ryus chest, crying her eyes out. Ryu just placed his arms around her and tried to comfort her.

"She...wanted me to hurt you...to defile you!"

"Who did? Who wanted you to do what?"

Ryu was confused, but it was better that he didn't know the truth right now. He probably wouldnt be able to handle it...

"She wanted to have her way...with...you!! Gomen!"

Sakura's voice reached a new octave as she started to cry again. Ryu pulled Sakura into his chest and continued to comfort her.

"Sakura, its okay."

Sakura stopped crying, but the tears continued to flow.

"Sakura, its okay, but we need to talk."

Sakura slowly pulled her head out of Ryu's chest and looked into his eyes. Her eyes were so red from crying so much. Although Ryu's eyes looked concerned and determined, she still loved them. This was one of the most attractive things about Ryu that Sakura liked.

"Sakura...you know how I possess the potential to become a dark fighter like Akuma..."

Sakura nodded her head.

"Well...you also have that potential..."

Sakura's eyes opened wide in shock. This news was startling, but it also made since for the dreams that she was having for the past couple of days...

"Yes...you possess the same potential...and unless you control that potential, it will control you completely."

Sakura's mouth moved, but no words were coming out. She breathed and tried again, this time being successful.

"Ryu...Please help me...help me to control this evil energy inside me...Please...Be my master..."

Sakura asked Ryu the same question that he had been asked a million times. To train Sakura. In the past, Ryu wouldn't train Sakura because he felt that he was still an unskilled warrior. But this was different. Sakura was slowly starting to follow the same path that Ryu was, and she was unaware of it. Ryu wanted to help Sakura before it was too late. And the only way that Ryu was going to be able to help Sakura would be to train her.

"Yes...I'll train you. I'll stay here and train you until you have control of the energy inside you."

Sakura seemed to be calming down. Ryu figured that she would be all right till the morning, so he stood up and was about to walk back to his room. Sakura grabbed him however...

"Please don't go! Stay here with me tonight! Please don't leave me!"

Sakura begged for Ryu to stay. He sighed, and got back in the bed. He went to the other side of the bed, and lied down.

"Thank you..."

Sakura wrapped her arms around Ryu. She looked into his eyes, and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. She closed her eyes, and attempted to go back to sleep. Her arms never left him...

Ryu's eyes stayed awake for a while. Everything that had happened tonight was so confusing. The room that Sakura stayed in was the exact room that he saw in his dream a few nights ago. He remembered seeing Sakura in his dream as well. Under the influence of the evil intent. Was his dream a premonition of things to come, or just coincidence? And what was it about Sakura that he found so interesting? There was something special about her. He just didn't know what yet.

Ryu decided to try and get some sleep. He would ask questions tomorrow. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to fall into a deep sleep...