Ryu and Sakura Shrine
Chapter 8: Yin/Yang

Ryu and Sakura were completely silent as they walked back to her apartment. Although Sakura hadn't gotten to kiss Ryu, at least he was showing his feelings for her. That was better than nothing...

"(Why did that clock tower have to go off? I just needed 5 more seconds to make him mine! Why is life being cruel to me?)"

Ryu and Sakura were almost back at her apartment. The park really wasn't that far from Sakura's home. But that was no big deal for Sakura. She didn't care if she lived 5 miles from the park. Her moment that night was ruined. By a stupid clock tower...

"(Even though the clock tower ruined my moment, I'll still have Ryu later on tonight. And this time, he won't be able to get away...)"

As Ryu and Sakura were walking, two shadows were looking at the two. The only thing that could be identified about them were their red eyes...

"When they least expect it, we will strike..."

Both shadows disappeared...

Ryu and Sakura finally made it back to Sakura's apartment. They both went inside before Sakura locked the door...

"I never got to thank you for today, Ryu..."

"It was my pleasure Sakura..."

Sakura could feel her heart beating rapidly. She didn't know how much longer she would be able to control herself...

Sakura took one of Ryu's hands and entwined it with hers.

"Ryu...there's something that I have to tell you..."

"I'm listening..."

"Ever since the first time we've met, I've always admired you. The way you handle yourself is impressive. And although you wouldn't teach me, I still wanted to be just like you. I was your number 1 fan. And I still am..."

Tears started to form in Sakura's eyes as she spoke her confession. Ryu wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close to his chest. Sakura continued to speak, with a hint of sadness in her voice...

"As I got older, my fascination for you grew. There came a point in my life when I realized who I wanted to be with and what I wanted to do. My parents thought that I was crazy to imitate you and want to follow you. Nobody understood how I felt. Not Karin, Hinata, or even the school psychiatrist. They all thought I was insane for wishing to be like you. They said it was just a "phase", and that it would slowly go away. But it never did go away. It only grew. And I realized that what I felt for you would never go away..."

Sakura managed to hold back a sob, but tears started to run down her cheek...

"After I saw you in the last tournament (A.N: Alpha 3), I went back to school and finally graduated. My parents wanted me to go to college and find a nice businessman to marry. But I didn't want to go to college. My parents were okay with that, but they still sent me on blind dates with guys that they thought were perfect for me. Every last one of those guys were jerks. They all expected me to watch the house, cook their meals, and take care of the kids. I wouldn't be their wife. I would just be their housemaid. The only time they would even show me any affection would be after they drank their sake and gotten horny. I would just be a trophy to show off to their friends. There was even one time when my parents arranged for me to get married to a guy named Satoshi. Satoshi was good looking, but he had a dark heart. He didn't love me. And I didn't love him. The marriage was just to make him look good for the press, and just so my parents wouldn't have to worry about me..."

Sakura let out a sob. Her warm tears ran down Ryu's chest.

"On the day of my wedding, I called it off. I refused to marry a man that I didn't love. I ran off. I went home, packed up my things, and moved out. I couldn't take my parents trying to run my life anymore. I told myself that if I didn't win the love of one particular man, then I would stay single forever. No other man was worthy of my love..."

Ryu removed Sakura's head from his chest and looked into her eyes. Although they were still watery and a little red, Sakura still looked beautiful.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is..."

Another sob came out of Sakura. Ryu placed a finger on Sakura's lips and hushed her.

"Shh... it's okay. I'm sorry that you had to go through so much pain. But I'm here for you. And I always will be..."


Ryu brought his other hand around Sakura's back and looked deep into her eyes. He removed his finger from Sakura's lips and brought it to her chin. Sakura wrapped both of her arms around Ryu's waist and closed her eyes. She puckered her lips up and moved her head toward Ryu's.

Ryu allowed his eyes to close as well and also puckered up his lips. He started to bring his head toward Sakura.

Ryu and Sakura moved closer, just an inch away from bringing each other happiness. Just when their innermost desires were about to be fulfilled, Ryu felt something weird in his gut and opened his eyes...

"Ryu, what's wrong?"

Sakura could sense something as well. But she had no idea what it was.

"I don't know. But it seems to be coming from outside..."

Ryu opened the front door and walked out, followed by Sakura. Whatever he was feeling was stronger outside. But there was something else about what he was feeling. It felt evil...

"Something isn't quite right..."

Sakura locked the front door before following Ryu to wherever the evil was.

"Whoever or whatever it is, it has a very powerful ki."

"Is it Akuma?"

Ryu questioned that for a minute. The ki felt very evil and very powerful. But Ryu had recognized what Akuma's ki felt like. Whatever this thing was, it was not Akuma...

"No... it's not Akuma...but something else..."

As Ryu and Sakura continued to walk, the evil ki became stronger. Finally, it was extremely big in a place that Ryu and Sakura didn't expect to end up. The area where Ryu and Sakura would train...

"Why are we here?"

"That's a good question..."

"Perhaps I can answer that for you!!"

A mysterious voice echoed out from nowhere. Ryu got into a defensive fighting stance.

"Who's there? Show yourself!"

The mysterious figure made itself known. At first, it was just a shadow. But then, it started to become familiar. The figure had on a black gi, blood red eyes, and a black headband.

"No! It can't be..."

"Still denying me after all this time, Ryu? You should know very well that you can't hide anything from me..."

Ryu was looking into the eyes of his most dangerous opponent. His worst enemy. Himself

"What do you want!?"

Evil Ryu simply smirked and crossed his arms together.

"Well, only to join with you and destroy the world. Think about it, it will be fun..."

"No Ryu! Don't give in to him!"

"I wouldn't worry about your girlfriend if I were you Ryu. She has her own worries..."

Just then, another mysterious shadow came from behind Evil Ryu. This shadow was smaller, and had a feminine body. It was the evil side of Sakura. Dark Sakura.

"I won't allow you to hurt my Ryu!"

Dark Sakura smirked as well...

"And you think you can stop me? After I've merged with you and taken over, I will make Ryu scream!"


A blue aura suddenly surrounded Sakura.

"If you want Ryu, you'll have to go through me!"

"Very well..."

"Before we begin, you two must get dressed for battle..."

Evil Ryu pointed a finger towards Ryu and Sakura. Instantly, their attire was changed. Ryu was dressed in his trademark white gi complete with red headband, and Sakura had on her trademark Sailor Senshi Outfit with the white headband.

"Now...lets begin..."

Evil Ryu and Dark Sakura both got into offensive fighting stances. This fight would determine everything. Who would prevail? Light or Darkness...

Ryu and Evil Ryu charged each other and traded blows. They both fought with the fierceness of a tiger.

Sakura and Dark Sakura also traded blows. Although the attacks weren't as powerful as their male counterparts, they were faster.

The four warriors of Shotokan continued to fight. There would be no second round. Only one side would walk away...