Ryu and Sakura Shrine

Nothing new as of yet, since I'm still rebuilding, but I'll try to get stuff up ASAP.

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Attack of the Dark Cherry Blossom
The story that started it all...brought R/S fans out of the closet, and was also the inspiration for the R/S Shrine.  This story also has a nice couple of firsts.
1) It is the first R/S story on FF.net
2) It is the first R/S lemon on FF.net
3) It is the first Street Fighter story on AFF.net
4) It is the first R/S lemon on AFF.net
When dreams of her dark destiny start to affect her, can Sakura turn to Ryu to help?  And will she tell him her true feelings? Complete!

To Capture A Dragon
My second R/S story.  Ryu and Sakura realize that there is some connection between them.  But are they both prepared for the obstacles that stand between them?

Love of A Dragon
R/S story #3. The sequel to Attack of the Dark Cherry Blossom.  After Ryu returns to Japan, can he find himself mentally ready to settle down with Sakura?