Ryu and Sakura Shrine
Chapter 12: New Beginnings

It had been 2 weeks since Ryu and Sakura had defeated Shin Akuma. Those 2 weeks were spent recuperating in the sanctuary of Sakuras apartment. Sakura wasn't hurt too badly, so she was still able to go to work, but she wouldn't be Street Fighting for about a month. The same went with Ryu. Not because of injuries, but to reflect on his new life with Sakura. We find the couple getting ready for bed...
"Well, good night Ryu."

"Good night Sakura."

Sakura kissed Ryu on the cheek before retiring to her room. Ryu also did the same, going to his room to turn in for the night.

Sakura changed into her pink nightgown before climbing into her bed and pulling the sheets over her body. But something wasn't quite right. She felt troubled...

"(It's been two weeks since Ryu confessed his love for me, and we still haven't done anything intimate. Is something wrong with me? Does he not desire me?)"

Sakura sighed as she closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep. But she would not be sleeping just yet...

"(Sakura...Wake up...)"


Sakura popped her eyes open and looked around her bedroom.

"I must have been hearing things..."

Sakura closed her eyes again and attempted to go back to sleep.

"(Wake up Sakura...)"

Sakura opened her eyes again, but this time, she wasn't in her bedroom. All she could see was darkness.

"(Where am I?)"

"(Inside the one place where we can talk...your mind...)"

"Dark Sakura?"

Out of the darkness there appeared a pair of blood red eyes. The eyes glowed, and shed some light around the owner of them.

"In the flesh."

"What do you want?"

"My payment..."

"Your payment?"

"That's right. For reviving you and helping you defeat Shin Akuma. I'm here to collect..."

Sakura raised one eyebrow and crossed her arms.

"And just what kind of payment did you have in mind?"

Dark Sakura smiled a mischievous grin that stopped Sakura dead in her tracks.

"You know what I want..."

Sakura's face suddenly went very gloomy, looking like she was about to choke on her words.

"I want the same thing...but it seems that Ryu doesn't desire me in the same way that I do for him...

Sakura's eyes started to get watery.

"Is there something wrong with me? Why wont he be intimate with me? Am I...ugly?"

A tear ran down Sakura's cheek.

"Now, now Sakura. Don't cry. Ryu loves you with all of his heart. It's just that this kind of thing is new to him. He loves you, but just doesn't know how to show it. I know that he desires you as much as you do him. But he is a little shy. You're going to have to take the initiative..."

"But I don't even know where to begin."

"That's not true. Remember two weeks ago? When you felt his lips for the very first time? That was the boldest thing that you've ever done concerning Ryu. And you can do it again."


Just then, Dark Sakura disappeared.

"Great. Shes gone."

Dark Sakura reappeared in a very awkward situation. Right behind Sakura, with her hands on Sakura's breasts.

"What are you...doing?"

Dark Sakura was rubbing Sakuras breasts with her hands.

"Doesn't that feel good, Sakura?"

"Hai...please...don't stop..."

"And wouldn't it feel even better if it was Ryu who was doing this?"

"You...already...know...the answer"

"Then we need to get Ryu interested. Dont worry, I'll help you..."


Ryu was in his bed sound asleep, when the sound of his door woke him up.

"What the..."

Ryu's bedroom door was wide open. At the foot of his door was a figure of feminine build, shrouded in darkness, with the exception of her eyes. They were the only light in the room, and they glowed blood red.

The shadow figure approached Ryu, who was still in his bed. When the shadow figure was next to Ryu, it turned on the lamp that was right beside Ryu's bed.


It was indeed Sakura, but she was slightly different. First of all, she didn't have her nightgown on. All she had on was a bra and panties. And her bra wasn't on all the way. The bottom of her right breast was slightly visible to Ryu's eyes. And in Sakura's eyes was something different. Although her eyes weren't blood red, Sakura definitely had something in them. Desire...

"I'm sick Ryu, sick of being alone at night. Loneliness is a disease...and you are the cure..."

"Sakura, I..."

"I won't take no for an answer Ryu...not this time..."

Sakura reached around her waistline and pulled her panties down to her legs before kicking them off. She then reached behind her back and unstrapped her bra before letting it drop to the floor.

Ryu's face turned bright red from seeing Sakura completely nude for the very first time.

"And now, my sweet Ryu...its your turn..."

Sakura pulled the bed sheets off of Ryu. All he had on were his gi pants, but thats not what made Sakura blush and grin evilly. It was his manhood. It was wide-awake, and it looked hungry..."

"So your friend is hungry, huh Ryu? Well guess what. So am I..."

Sakura lay on top of Ryu and snaked her arms around the back of his neck. While still holding Ryu, Sakura played with Ryu's hair with her fingers.

Ryu closed his eyes while Sakura continued to caress his hair. Her gentle touch sent tingling sensations throughout his entire body. Ryu was like a dog getting its belly rubbed. Completely helpless...

Sakura smiled as she realized that her plan was finally starting to take effect.


Sakura stopped playing in Ryu's hair and slid her fingers down to his cheekbones. This was even more sensual to Ryu then when Sakuras fingers were in his hair. Unknowingly, Ryu wrapped his arms around Sakura's back and pulled her closer to his body.

"Yes...do whatever your heart desires..."

"While Ryu was pulling Sakura closer to him, Sakura's grip on Ryu tightened. Her hot breath blew on Ryus face, as their bodies got closer. Ryu opened his eyes slightly and was able to see the desire in Sakura's. Both of them smiled slightly...

"Don't be afraid Ryu. I'm new at this as well. We'll figure it out together..."

Sakura kissed Ryu on his right cheek.

"And don't be afraid of hurting me. I know you would never do that..."

A kiss to the left cheek...

"Ryu...I know that you love me...but I want you to show me...please..."

With those final words, Sakura bent down and pressed her lips against his.

This kiss had more emotion behind it then all of their previous ones. Even surpassing the first one.

While held in a lip lock, Ryu's hands started to travel down Sakura's body. Eventually, they found their way towards Sakura's rear end.

Ryu almost broke the kiss when he realized what his hands were feeling. He tried to remove them, but some force held them there.

He opened his eyes briefly and saw that it was Sakura's hands that kept Ryu's hands where they were.

Sakura could sense that she was losing Ryu's attention, so she slipped her tongue into his throat, increasing the passion of their kiss.

Ryu met Sakura's tongue with his own, and explored the inside of her mouth.


They held the kiss for a while before finally breaking away to take a breath.

Sakura's eyes explored Ryu's body from top to bottom. They stopped when they had found their way to Ryu's crotch. His manhood was poking through his gi pants, just begging to get out.

"(I think its time for me to free willy...)"

Sakura brought her hands around Ryu's pants and pulled them and his boxers down his legs. When those articles of clothing were finally gone, Sakura explored Ryu's nude body for the very first time and was put into a trance.

Sakura placed a hand on Ryu's chest and immediately sent a sensation throughout Ryu's body.


Sakura slid her fingers down Ryu's chest. As she got closer to her final destination, she brought more and more pleasure to Ryu.

Sakura blushed bright red when her hand had finally reached its final destination: Ryu's manhood.

While still blushing, Sakura looked into Ryu's eyes for approval.

Ryu was blushing slightly as well, but he nodded his head.

Sakura's grip on Ryu's manhood tightened, while she began to rub up and down his shaft.


Ryu couldn't keep his eyes open. The pleasure was too much for him.

Sakura increased her tempo, and nearly sent Ryu into overdrive.

Ryu's entire body felt paralyzed. He couldn't move a muscle. Yet, his paralysis felt really good...

"Saku...Sakura...I'm going to...release..."

A big wave of pleasure swept over Ryu's body as he prepared for what he thought was going to be his first release of the night...

But the pleasure in his body never diminished. Ryu was barely able to open his eyes and see what was going on.

Sakura had placed her finger on the tip of his shaft and prevented him from release!

"(Damn...she is good...)"

Sakura had a mischievous look in her face.

"I've always wanted to do this to you Ryu..."


Sakura rubbed Ryu's shaft with her other hand and shut him up with pleasure...

"Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I have wanted you...but now I want to know if you want me..."

"Sakura...you know the answer..."

"I don't know Ryu...I think I need convincing...tell me that you want me..."

"I want you..."

"That's not good enough, my love. Tell me again, with feeling..."

Sakura rubbed Ryu's shaft again.

"Ahh...Saku...Sakura...I want you...badly..."

"That's better, but its still not good enough. Tell me that you need me..."

"I need you..."

"I'm not buying it Ryu. Tell me again..."

More shaft rubbing from Sakura...

"Sakura...I need you...now...and forever..."

Sakura's eyes got watery from that last comment, but she was still able to maintain her composure. She rubbed his manhood some more, and asked Ryu again, almost choking on her words...

"Ryu...tell me that you desire me..."

"Sakura...I have always desired you...ever since I first realized that I was in love with you..."

Sakura's watery eyes finally released a tear.

"Ryu...that's all I've ever wanted from you..."

Sakura removed one hand and rubbed Ryu's manhood again, this time, not stopping...


Ryu's body couldn't hold back any longer. He closed his eyes and finally released his seed all over Sakura.

Sakura felt extremely happy that Ryu had released all over her body. She considered it a gift from him...

Ryu panted lightly. When his eyes opened, they were looking straight into Sakura's...

As soon as Sakura saw Ryu's dark circles, she shoved her tongue straight down his throat...

Ryu wrapped his arms around Sakura's torso as she held him in a lip lock.

With renewed stength, Ryu managed to reverse Sakura's grip on him and force her to lie on her back.

"It's my turn now..."

The way Ryu growled those few words aroused Sakura. She could feel herself getting wet...

Ryu brought Sakura's right breast into his mouth and sucked tenderly. In response, Sakura placed her hands on the back of Ryu's head and held them there for support.


After having his fun, Ryu removed his mouth from Sakura's breast. This greatly upset Sakura, for she wanted his mouth to stay there. Correction. She needed his mouth to be there...

Silencing her as well as satisfying her needs, Ryu now brought his mouth over Sakura's left breast.

Sakura was once again brought into the world of ecstacy...

After having his fun with Sakura's breasts, Ryu now brought his attention to Sakura's womanhood. As his hot breath blew on her, Sakura got even wetter...

After getting Sakura's approval, Ryu put the tip of his manhood inside Sakura's womanhood. He pushed slowly until he came across a wall.

Although Ryu was naive at times, he knew what this wall inside Sakura meant...

"(A virgin?)"

A look of guilt started to form on Ryu's face.

"Ryu...don't think of this as dishonorable...only you are worthy of taking this away from me. I've waited forever for you to have this opportunity, because I love you. With all my heart. I wouldn't be doing this if I loved you any less. So please...unite us not only in mind and spirit, but also body..."

Ryu nodded before wrapping his arms around her and drowning her inside a kiss.

Just like Ryu had wanted, Sakura's mind was lost in a sea of passion. Ryu knew that now was the right time...

Ryu swiftly thrust his manhood inside Sakura's womanhood. He broke through Sakura's wall immediately. The instant that he did this, blood came out.

Sakura's eyes and mouth opened extremely wide, and her face went pale. Sakura also gasped for air. She looked like she was about to die...

"(Sakura! No! What have I done?)"

Just then, Sakura's eyes flashed blood red. They stayed that way for a while before returning back to their normal color.

Sakura's mouth became lustful. Although she hadn't completely changed into Dark Sakura, part of Dark Sakura was released...

"Don't stop now..."

Sakura pushed Ryu on his back before covering his manhood inside her womanhood. Sakura placed both hands on Ryu's chest, and started rocking back and forth.

While Ryu was halfway building up his second orgasm of the night, Sakura had already had one. And when Ryu had finally released his second one, Sakura also released a second one.

Ryu had about three orgasms before his body felt too tired to carry anymore. Yet, for every orgasm that Ryu had, Sakura would have twice as many...



Both Ryu and Sakura released another orgasm before Ryu lay flat on his back. His heart was willing to go on, but his body wasn't.

"I...can't go on anymore, Sakura...I'm too tired...I'm sorry..."

"Yes you can, Ryu...you just need to release your sexual power as well..."

"My sexual what?"

"Don't worry, I'll help you release it..."

Sakura rocked Ryu back and forth once again. Ryu felt another orgasm building up, but it was also slightly painful.

As the orgasm started to build, Ryu's mind started to black out. When he released yet again, his eyes lost all color.


Ryu's eyes flashed blood red for about 30 seconds before returning back to normal.

Having finally unlocked his sexual power, Ryu grabbed Sakura and used a different sexual position on Sakura. They both had three more orgasms before both of their bodies were starting to get tired.

Both Ryu and Sakura looked into each other's eyes.

"(One more?)"


Using the Shotokan bond, Ryu and Sakura read each other's thoughts and got into position one final time. Ryu kissed Sakura's lips before slipping his shaft into Sakura's clit once more...

This thrust was very slow. Ryu took it easy this time. Not only was he very tired, but he also wanted to make this last release the best one of the night...

Sakura moved with Ryu, also wanting to savor this final moment. Her body had gone way past it's limits already, but her spirit gave her the strengh to release one more time...

Both Ryu and Sakura gritted their teeth. This was becoming very painful. But their will power kept them going.

At about the halfway point, Ryu and Sakura's bodies started to glow a light blue aura. They both thought back to the dream that they had so long ago. It seemed that the dream really was a premontion of things to come...

"I can't hold back any longer...I'm going to release!"

"Same goes...for me!"

Ryu and Sakura released their love juice for the final time that night before collasping on Ryu's bed...


"Ryu...I don't ever want you to leave me..."

"Then I won't..."

Sakura grinned before giving Ryu a quick peck on the mouth. She wrapped her arms around Ryu's torso and lay her head in his chest.

"I want to begin our new life together..."

"You mean marriage?"

Sakura bent her head up and kissed Ryu on the cheek.

"Not necessarily. That doesn't have to be for some time...I just want to do something different with my life...with you..."


"And I also want you to do one other thing..."

"What's that?"

"Pay Ken a visit. He worries about you, as much as I do. He's your best friend. Don't leave him out in the cold about your life..."

"I'll do that...but I want you to visit Karin and catch up on old times as well..."

"Anything for you, Ryu..."


Two months later, Ryu and Sakura were at the airport.

"Last call for flight 276 nonstop direct route to San Francisco, USA."

"That's my plane."

Sakura's eyes got watery.

"Take care of yourself Ryu. You'll always be with me...even in my dreams..."

"Same here."

With those final words, Sakura wrapped her arms around Ryu and hugged him tight. She then broke the hug and held his lips with hers...

After a moment, Sakura finally broke away.

"Ryu...I want you to always know...that I love you..."

"And I love you, Sakura Kasugano..."

Ryu finally got on his plane. As the plane started to take off, Sakura watched it take off from the window. It wasn't until the plane was finally in the air, that Sakura's emotions finally got the best of her...

She cried. Like she never had before. Although Ryu finally understood her love for him, she was going to miss him not being there...

Ten hours later...

As Ryu walked through the San Francisco airport area, his eyes got a little watery...

"(Sakura...I hope you can read my mind right now...you are the best thing that could have happened to me...I want you to know that I will always love you...and I'll be home soon...)"

Just then, he heard a voice behind him...

"Hey Ryu!"

Ryu turned around just in time to catch Ken's fist, their usual greeting.

"Ryu...It's been a while...how has life been treating you?"

"Okay. But some things have changed..."

Ken's right eyebrow went up.

"Oh really?"

"I'll tell you in the limo ride to your mansion. You do still have a mansion, right?"

Both of them laughed.

"You know me! It's the only way to travel! Come on, I've got Avian in the car..."

As Ryu and Ken walked to the limo, Ryu couldn't help but smile. It seems that life actually had a good hand for him after all...

It was time for new beginnings...