Ryu and Sakura Shrine
Chapter 1: Reunion

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Deep in the outskirts of Kyoto, a forest that was once as quiet as a baby suddenly rumbles with the ferocity of a tiger. Cherry blossom trees start to burn with no explanation whatsoever. And forest animals that live here are now forced to relocate. As the last wild animal leaves the scene, an abrupt wind forms that puts out the fire that was once there. As the wind dies down, a black shadow forms in the middle of the chaos and raises a fist...

"I underestimated you..."

The black shadow starts to glow a red aura, and a nearby tree is burned immediately. The tree starts to fall on the shadow figure, but it is destroyed upon contact.

"I will have my revenge..."

The shadow figure's eyes glow yellow briefly before the figure dissapears altogether...

Back in Tokyo, we find Sakura Kasugano lying down on her living room sofa. It's her day off, so she doesn't have to go to work today. Usually she would go shopping or see something, but all of that pales in comparison to what she once had...


"(I miss him so much...)"

In reality, even though it had only been two weeks since Ryu had left for America, it really felt like two months of torture to her soul. Ryu was all that mattered to her now, and nothing was going to change that.

"Why did I make you go?"

Sakura found herself starting to regret the decision that she made. She wanted Ryu to rekindle the friendship that he had with Ken, but she had no idea how much it would affect her in the long run. She only hoped that he would return to Japan soon, so she could hold him tight, plant a thousand kisses on him, and tell Ryu just how much she loved him. Ryu was all that Sakura needed.

Her coworkers and boss at work started to notice a difference however. Usually, Sakura would be very energetic and perky, but ever since Ryu left for America, Sakura was more conservative. Her speech was a lot more polite, and she never spoke unless someone asked her a question. Some of the visitors to the restaurant liked this version of Sakura, for she seemed like the epitome of a good housewife, but the people who knew her best knew that this change was not to her benefit. They were worried about Sakura and wondered just what they could do to help ease the pain.

Sakura's peace was interrupted by a knock on her front door.

"(I wonder who that could be...)"

As Sakura opened her front door, she was surprised to see her old rival Karin Kanzuki at the other end!


Karin looked exactly the same as she did when she was younger except for the fact that she had on something different. She was wearing a blue pair of jeans, pink boots, and a pink jacket to match. It was of course, the best money could buy...

"I see taking over your father's company has done you well..."

"Aren't you the observant one. Come on, let's go for a ride. We have some catching up to do."

Sakura locked her door before accompaning Karin in her limo. While Sakura drank an Avian water, she couldn't help but wonder why Karin was here.


"I know what you're about to ask me Sakura. Who sent me, right?

Sakura could only nod her head. It was as if Karin were psychic.

"Yeah, who sent you? I didn't even call you yet."

Karin took a gulp of her water before flashing a smile at Sakura.

"A friend..."



Mel Masters, son of Ken Masters, closed his eyes and sat down Indian style. He sat across from his teacher, and tried to copy everything that he was taught.

"Let nothing cloud your mind. Try to think only about the energy inside you."

Mel did as he was asked. For five minutes, nothing seemed to be happening. But after another five minutes, Mel's teacher started to feel something coming from the young student.

The teacher's eyes opened wide in shock. For about two weeks, he and Mel had been working on breathing techniques. But today, Mel seems to have learned something else. Summoning his ki. Usually, someone wouldn't learn that in two weeks time, but it seemed that this kid was an exception. Just like himself when he was younger...

"That's enough for today, Mel. You've done well. Take a well deserved rest."

"Thanks Uncle Ryu."

Hearing the word uncle was somehow comforting to Ryu. Growing up, Ryu never had any family except Gouken and Ken. But Gouken was killed when Ryu was just exiting his teens, and Ryu barely saw Ken anymore after the incident. It felt good to be able to have people around who cared.

"And besides, you don't want to miss the movie, do you?"

Ryu turned around to see his old training partner and best friend Ken, enter the replica of the dojo that Ryu and Ken had both trained in as kids.

"Sean is waiting for you outside in the car. Hurry up, or you'll be late."


Mel bowed to Ryu before running past his father and leaving the dojo.

"Mel's a great kid, huh?"

Ryu smiled as he wiped the sweat off of his forehead with a towel.

"Yeah. He might become better then us one day."

"Perhaps. Let's go somewhere else so we can talk."

Ryu took a drink from his water bottle before following Ken out of the training dojo. After washing himself in the bathroom, Ryu joined Ken in the Masters living room.

"So Sakura...how has life been for you?"

Sakura took another drink of her water before looking at Karin.

"It was great at one time...until he left..."

Sakura found herself mumbling her last few words. Although she wasn't aware of it, Karin sure was.

"Until who left?"

Sakura felt a lump in her throat starting to form. She tried to push it down, but seemed to be unsucessful.

"Sakura, I can't help you if you don't let me. Now tell me...who left you?"

As the lump in her throat started to form again, Sakura started to feel her eyes get watery as well. Even though she tried to put up a good fight, Sakura just couldn't stop her eyes from releasing a tear.


"Sakura...I'm sorry...I didn't know..."

"Don't be...you have nothing to be sorry for...I do..."

Another tear came out of Sakura's eye.

Karin got a cloth that was inside the limo and wiped away Sakura's tears.

"Sakura...why did Ryu leave?"

"I made him...and now I'm starting to regret my decision..."

"It's time for some serious girl talk. We're almost back at my mansion. We can talk for as long as you need."

Sakura looked up at Karin and managed to get a smile on her face.



Inside a private room at the Kanzuki mansion, Karin's butler brings some tea for herself and Sakura before making his leave. Karin takes a sip of some tea before looking back at Sakura.

"I guess we should start from the beginning. Tell me when everything started to happen."

"Well...it all began one day at work. The Cobra gang tried to rob our restaurant again, but Ryu came in and put a stop to them. I managed to find him and spend the day in Tokyo with him. After that, I convinced him to stay with me. Then...


"So what has really been going on in your life, Ryu?"

"I found something else more worthwhile then the fight..."

Ken's eyebrows went up. There wasn't anything more important to Ryu other than a good fight and his family.

"What's that?"

Ryu paused for a moment to try and think about how to phrase his next statement before looking back at Ken.


Ken's expression now mimicked that of Ryu's. Very serious.

"Congragulations. I've always known that Sakura was in love with you."


Ken thought for a moment before deciding what next to say.

"Ryu...in order for this to work...you're going to have to make a couple of changes in your life. You won't be able to travel around to every Street Fight anymore."

"I know, Ken."

"I mean, Sakura has waited her whole life for you. Most women will not wait that long for a man to acknowledge her. You must be very special, considering how many people want to be with Sakura."


"When you get back, you need to make sure that Sakura doesn't regret the decision that she's made. She needs to know that you love her."

"I do."

"Ryu...telling somebody that you love them and showing somebody that you love them are two different things. You've told her that you love her, but you especially need to show her, or she will feel unwanted."

Ryu didn't say anything for a moment. Instead, he tried to digest the words of wisdom given to him by his best friend.

"Women live off of love. They need love like we need water. It keeps them going in life."

"I think I'm starting to understand now."


"Oh Ken! Your princess needs to be rescued!"

Ken's face immediately turned bright red. Ryu couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

"I guess I'm needed upstairs. I'll come down later, and we can talk some more."

"All right. Thanks for the advice."

Ryu and Ken punched fists before Ken went upstairs to please his wife. Ryu watched Ken go up the stairs and smiled.

"(Ken...Thank you...thank you for being a good friend...)"

After Ken had been up for about a minute, he came back down the stairs, wearing nothing but a red speedo.

"Ha!Ha!Ha! Ken, I don't believe it!"

Ken started to blush again.

"Well...Eliza likes it..."

Ken goes into his kitchen and comes out 30 seconds later, with a can of whipped cream.

"What's the whipped cream for?"

"You really have a lot to learn, Ryu."

Ken looks in the living room and pulls out a book.

"Here. This book will help you. Gotta go. I can't keep Eliza waiting any longer."

Ken shook his can of whip cream before going back upstairs to complete his task...

Ryu looked at the cover of the book...

KAMA SUTRA: Beginners Guide

"Kama Sutra, huh?"

Ryu opened the book and looked at the first page. The first picture had a woman balancing herself on her hands while the man held her up by the legs.

"The Wheelbarrel..."

"What you need to do is give Ryu a reason to never leave you."


Karin smiled a little bit before she responded.

"Ryu is every woman's catch. He's polite, sweet, handsome, loves nature, and he's got that nice body! Ryu is the kind of guy that most women would die for! Plus, he knows how to fight!"

"Yeah. That's what made me fall in love with Ryu in the first place."

"The point is, a lot of women will be going after a guy like Ryu. You have his attention for the moment; now you have to keep it."

"The first thing we need to determine is when Ryu will come back to Japan. Do you know when that might be?"

Sakura closed her eyes and blacked everything else out. After about a minute Sakura opened her eyes again.

"In three days..."

Karin looked shocked at Sakura's premonition. It just couldn't be true, could it?

"How do you know that?"

"Just trust me."

"If you say so."

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

"Mistress Kanzuki? Are you finished in there?"

"Yes, you can take everything away now. Thank you.

Karin's butler came inside the room and picked up the teacups before exiting the same way that he came in. Karin then turned to Sakura.

"Sakura...I have a request to ask of you..."

"What is it?"

"Follow me."

Karin lead Sakura out of the private room and took her to another room.

"I want to take you shopping and get you ready for Ryu, but there is something else that I want to do first..."


Before Sakura can say anything else, Karin tosses Sakura an outfit. Sakura looks at the outfit and smiles. The outfit is an exact replica of Sakura's fuku outfit worn in her teens. Everything was there, the red gloves, all down to the white headband.

"Duel with me. You are my number one rival. I must test my skills and see if you are still worthy of that title."

Sakura looked at her outfit for a bit before flashing a smile at Karin.

"Sure, why not?"

At the Tokyo Airport, Sakura walked towards the arrival area. As she waited for a certain plane to arrive, men kept giving her glances and rude noises.

"Hey baby! Why don't you come home with me? We'll have a good time!"

"Not interested. I have a man that is ten times as strong as you."

"Very funny. Now lets have some fun..."

The man put his hand on Sakura's leg and tried to go up her dress, but Sakura smacked it away.

"Last chance. Go away now, or you will be spending the rest of the day in a hospital..."

"I like danger..."

The man touched one of Sakura's breasts, and paid for it with a throw. The man fell on his back and was out cold. Sakura looked at the man spitefully.


Although one man was knocked out, that still didn't stop the rest of the men from trying to talk to Sakura. Sakura was a sight to behold...

Sakura had let her hair grow, so it was now extremely long. She had on a red silk dress that showed off her legs and a red pair of sandals. Sakura was breathtaking...

Just then, a voice went over the intercom.

"Flight 27 from San Francisco arriving."

Sakura's throat suddenly became very dry.

"(Ryu! Is he coming back for me?)"

Sakura watched all of the passengers get off the plane. After seeing about fifty of them, Sakura started to get worried.

"(Where is Ryu? This is supposed to be his plane!)"

Another fifty came off the plane before Sakura asked one of the employees for help.

"Is that all of the passengers?"

"No. That was just the coach passengers. First class will be leaving the plane now.

"Thank you."

"(First class. Ryu's got to be here. Please Ryu, be here...)"

Sakura waited as another fifty passengers got off the plane. And then, just when she had given up hope, one more gentleman came out of the plane before the door was closed.

This gentleman had on a white suit with a red shirt underneath. His hair looked neat thanks to some styling gel. And he walked with grace.

Women started to surrond this young fellow, some asking for a date, some requesting to be his wife, and still others wishing to cook and clean for him.

As Sakura looked at this man, everything had stopped. This man was the only man that would be able to get her attention. This man was no other than...


Sakura ran towards Ryu and caught him in an embrace.

Ryu met her hug with one of his own.

"(Ryu...you've returned to me...)"

Sakura broke the hug and looked at him for a bit.

"Oh my! Ryu, I didn't know you could look this good!"

"I could say the same about you Sakura. You're just...breathtaking..."

Sakura blushed before looking into his eyes and pressing her lips against his.

Ryu welcomed her kiss and held his arms around her body tighter while Sakura's arms started to travel towards the back of Ryu's head.

Sakura slipped her tongue into Ryu's mouth now, and increased the level of her kiss.

Ryu matched the intensity of her kiss with his tongue. Both gave as much passion as they were receiving.

Sakura then jumped up and wrapped her legs around
Ryu's torso while still continuing to increase her desire for Ryu.

Ryu held on to Sakura tighter and held her against a wall while still locked into a kiss with her.

It wasn't until both warriors needed to take a break for air that Ryu realized they needed to stop...now...


"Ryu...I want you..."

Sakura seemed to be entranced by Ryu. For although Ryu tried to get Sakura to stop, she wouldn't listen to anything that he had to say.


Sakura started to nibble at his neck now, and almost made Ryu lose his grip on her.

"Sakura...we have to stop..."


This was becoming more and more difficult. If Ryu didn't do something fast, Sakura might do something that would get the both of them arrested.

Ryu slowly removed Sakura's legs from around his waist and put her back on the ground. He then took Sakura's arms from around his neck and tried to wake her up out of her fantasy.

"Sakura...we are in public..."

Sakura finally opened her eyes and was out of her trance.

"Oh Ryu...I'm so sorry...it's just that I've missed you so much..."

"And I've missed you as well...my sweet cherry blossom..."

Ryu put his hand on Sakura's chin and kissed her lips gently before quickly breaking away.

"Come on, let's go."

Ryu picked up his suitcase (that Ken made him take!) with one hand and wrapped his other arm around Sakura. Sakura nudged herself closer to Ryu while the two of them walked towards the exit of the airport to catch their ride.

As Ryu and Sakura walked out of the airport, women who were watching the P.D.A (Public display of affection) between Ryu and Sakura suddenly became angry at their husbands/boyfriends...

"You never show me that kind of love!"

One woman beat her husband senseless with her purse. It seemed that she was jealous of the attention that Sakura had received from Ryu.

"Why can't you be more romantic?"

A teenage girl turned her back to her boyfriend and wouldn't speak to him.

"How come you don't call me sweet names?"

More and more women started to attack their husbands for their lack of special care to their wives. Eventually, the men had to flee from the women.

"Come back here! We're not finished with you yet!"

As the scene became bigger, the security guards just watched and drank their coffee.

"Should we put a stop to this?"

"Are you crazy?! Those women would tear us to shreds! I value my life!"

"You're right. I pity those men though..."


Both of the security guards just laughed at everything they saw. One was married, and the other had a girlfriend, so they both took mental notes that would come in handy when they saw their women later that afternoon. It seemed that a couple of lucky women were going to be pampered later on that night...