Ryu and Sakura Shrine
Rebirth of the R/S Shrine

January 22, 2003

After Tripod killed off the first site, I was left with one question: Should I rebuild the R/S Shrine or let it die in peace?  That answer was simple.  I couldn't let the R/S Shrine just dissappear.  Not after all that it has accomplished. 
Currently it is the only active site on the net that is devoted to a relationship between Ryu and Sakura.  Although I still like Ryu and Chun Li, there are plenty of sites devoted to R/CL.  I wanted to do something different.  Others despised R/CL but loved R/S.  This was something for them. 
This site was like no other Street Fighter site.  Not only did I have fanfiction, pictures, and articles about Ryu and Sakura, but I also had articles and info on other Street Fighter media.  Things such as the horrible live-action movie or the cartoon series that aired on the USA cable station.  The site has only been around for six months.  That's way  too early to give this site retirement.  It hasn't even been around for a year yet!
To make a long story short, unless more and better R/S sites come up, the Ryu and Sakura shrine will be the sole place for the King and Queen of Shotokan.  To those of you that were worried, worry no longer!  The R/S Shrine is back, and better than ever!