The Games

Had enough of the shrine?  Want something else interesting to look at?  Then look at some other cool places to visit.  See you next time!

Seeing as they are the ones who created this fighting game series as well as other great games like Megaman (another fave of mine), it is only fitting that they go first for without them, fighting games would have died long ago.
The best place to go for tips, hints, and even cheats to some of your favorite games.  Forget picking up copies of gamepro or PSM magazine when gamefaqs has all of your tips right here!  It is also here that you can find the Street Fighter canon guide that is like a bible to Street Fighter fans.

A great site that has a lot of stuff about the Street Fighter world like games, animes, character profiles, and even pictures.  Expect to see me around there.  That is one of my newest favorite SF places in net land!

Other SF character shrines/fansites
Here is a nice site that focuses on Ryu solely.  In my opinion, it's the best Ryu site out there (other then mine lol).  This page has some info and pictures that even I don't have!  After you've finished looking at this site, go there for more on Ryu.
Now the #1 site devoted to the underdog in the pink gi!  This is your one stop place to everything on Dan Hibiki!  You can also find more info on Sakura's connection with Dan here!
How can I leave this site out?  My sweetie Sarah has a site dedicated to the everyone's favorite long haired Spanish bishounen.  Pictues, quizzes, fanfiction, the list goes on with what you can find here.
A nice mix of Street Fighter along with other animes and games like Breath of Fire, and Saiyuki.
For those of you that are RCL fans, then here is your site.  This place is also where I got my very first beginnings in the SF world.
Better believe it!  You'll find lots of pics here for the Queen of Shotokan/Ansatsukan!  This is the place to go for lots of Sakura pictures
For those of you that know me, I love lemon.  It's one of the greatest things ever.  But...finding good lemon is hard to come by often have to sort through a lot of crap just to get to the good stuff...well my friend Denice has taken it upon himself to create a site where you don't have to look for the good stuff.  It's already several different delicious flavors.  Pay him a'll leave a happy customer.
This website is based on Denice's most current Street Fighter fanfiction.  This is Denice's main website over the Lemonade Stand.  If you are a big fan of Denice's works, you won't be dissapointed here!
Well what do you know?  My other SF site based on the other main character of Street Fighter also has a bit of popularity.  This site pretty much is all about Ken.  Why did I make it when I have the R/S shrine?  I still wonder to this day...
This is really more of a message group, but it's still a nice site nonetheless.  It's filled with nice pictures, as well as other goodies.

Other sites
This belongs to S3, one of my closest online pals and a master at the art known as MST's.  He will show you the horrors that are actually in fics with his humor and wit.  Definitely a must see!
A great site that combines Street Fighter, as well as other stuff like Cardcaptor Sakura and Outlaw Star.  Your host Jagwire and Leenx will take you on a fun filled trip of chaos!
A beautiful, magnificient, and wonderful Sailor Moon site dedicated to the yuri love of Haruka and Michiru.  This site is also done by my good friend Michi.  Give her a visit.
Another good friend of mine, and a great fanfiction author, Jami has made a place for herself to showcase all of her fanfiction ranging from Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, as well as animes like Trigun.  She even has pictures and stuff!  Check it out, you won't be dissappointed.
A great place to find midi's from your favorite video games!  There are several music related sites out there, but this one is my favorite! 
A great place to get some pictures on some games as well as the endings!
This is the place to see flash movies and games by aspiring artists.  This is also one of the places where you can play my favorite flash game of all time, "Simgirl".