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September 30, 2006,

In case you haven't heard the news, Master Haruka, the owner of the Street Fighter Website, "Sailor Pluto's Street Fighter Hangout" (different name however), had committed suicide last Wenesday.  Her closest friends Setsuna and Seto run the site now, and there is currently a thread in Haruka's memory.  Click here to view it.

Haruka is missed by several people in the Street Fighter community.  Her website was often a haven for fanfics and for Street fighter fans to commune.  Though she may not be around anymore, Haruka's memory lives on in the people that knew her best.  I even have to give credit to Haruka cause I met some cool people at her site that I still talk to today.  And it was because of Haruka that I created the Rage of Ken website.


Rest in peace Haruka...you'll never be forgotten...


As for other updates, I'm currently working on the special edition of "Attack of The Dark Cherry Blossom".  Next update I'll get something up.