The return of Street Fighter

The Games

Ladies and gentlemen, Street Fighter is taking a vacation...
Now before you guys get the rope and say stuff like "but SF2 Anniversary came out" and "Capcom fighting revolution is coming out", let me just say this.
Sure, it's coming out, but for the most part, it's more 2D stuff that we've been playing for years.
Capcom, it's time for a little evolution...
Sure, they attempted a 3D SF with the EX series, but those games weren't really 3D.  They only had 3D graphics but played exactly like a 2D game.  Even the first Battle Arena Toshiden game was closer to a 3D game then the EX games.
To be fair to capcom, they are still working on the shift to 3D when a series was originally in 2D.  Now I know a lot of people will say that Megaman X7 is "pure utter crap" and such.  Even game informer said that X7 was one of the "black sheep" games for a popular franchise. 
Honestly, I don't think X7 was that bad.  Sure, it needed work, but it wasn't horrible.
Anyway, for Street Fighter, what we need is a new Street Fighter game to bring back the fans and make new ones.
What we need ladies and Street Fighter 4...
This game would be the thing to bring Street Fighter right back to the top.  Their last big hit was Alpha 3.  Nowadays, it seems that the Guilty Gear series or King of Fighter's games is all that people talk about when you hear about great 2D games.  Unfortunately, 2D is slowly dying out and 3D is now the rage.
At first it was just Tekken and Virtua Fighter that had these areas.  Now they've got serious competition from Street Fighter's greatest rival in the U.S.
That would be Mortal Kombat...
After Mortal Kombat 4 was released, Midway kinda dissappeared from the scene.  John Tobias, co-founder of the MK series, left Ed Boon and Midway to pursue his own dreams. So MK was out of the spotlight for a while and almost dissappeared into obsurity.
Until MK: Deadly Alliance was released.
It was a huge hit, and brought the MK series back from life support.  It took away SF fan's (except the hardcore), and even created some new ones.  And then when Deception was released this year (I picked up the special SubZero version), Boon proved that MK made that underdog comeback.
I mean...I am a SF fan first...but MK god...that is one great game...
The graphics are amazing, and I love how you can just walk in and out of the backgrounds.  No stupid "sidestepping" that was found in most pre 3D fighter's.  Play Tekken 4 and you'll get another example of what I mean.  This is what 3D was meant to be about.  Having the freedom to walk in and out and still fight at slight angles.  This is 3D...
And this is what Capcom needs to do with Street Fighter.  Add the 3D techniques that Midway and Namco have added to their franchises.'s going to take more then just some 3D movement...Capcom needs to add some new life into the game...add some new stuff...but still leave in the things that fans loved about the series.
Which brings us to the article called SF4: What Capcom needs to do.  Click on it and read my vision for this series.  See you there!