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The Games

Ryu and Sakura had just went through the door that led them outside. Waiting for them was a white limo.

"That's our ride Ryu."

Ryu couldn't help but chuckle.

"When did you get enough money to afford a limo?"

Sakura giggled along with Ryu.

"I didn't. Karin lent a limo to me for this special occasion."

"I see. So you've reconnected with Karin?"

"Exactly. And how are things with you and Ken?"

"Things are real good."

The limo driver got out of the limo and opened the door for the Shotokan couple. Sakura got in first, and then Ryu before the limo driver closed the door.

"Where to, Mistress Kasugano?"

"Take me to my home."

"As you wish."

The limo driver then started the engine, and the limo took off onto the road.

"Ryu...I've missed you so much ever since you left..."

Sakura's eyes got watery as she told Ryu what had been eating her insides for so long. Ryu took his left hand and wiped Sakura's tears away before cupping her chin in it.

"I know...I could sense it..."

"You knew?"

"Yes...it seems that our bond is getting stronger by the day...and I intend on making it up to you..."

Sakura leaned forward and kissed Ryu on the cheek. When she broke away, Ryu saw a slight smile on her face.

"You already have...by returning to me..."

"But there is still more that I can do and---"

Sakura placed her index finger on Ryu's lips.

"It's ok. I sent you away, so you have nothing to feel regretful for. I should have been prepared."


"But let's worry about that later. Right now, I just want you to hold me..."

Ryu opened his arms and pulled Sakura's body closer to his. Sakura wrapped her arms around Ryu's and leaned back into his chest.

The two just sat quietly as the limo continued to drive. Everything just felt so peaceful and calm. Sakura went silent as Ryu held her in his arms. She smiled when she felt Ryu's left hand start to caress her cheek. Sakura purred from his touch and cuddled closer to his body.

Ryu and Sakura's peace of mind was interuppted however by the limo driver who opened the limo door.

"Miss Kasugano. We have arrived."

Ryu and Sakura stepped out of the limo. Sakura closed the door before turning to the limo driver.

"Thank you. Tell Karin that I said thank you and that I'll return the favor."

The limo driver smiled as he straightened his hat.

"As you wish. Take care of yourselves."

The limo driver bowed before getting back in the limo and driving off.

Ryu and Sakura stepped inside the apartment that belonged to Sakura. Once inside, Ryu was greeted with another hug from Sakura followed by a kiss on the cheek.

"So Sakura...what do you want to do on my first day back to Japan?"

"Anything, as long as it's with you..." Sakura said, still wrapped inside Ryu's arms. "But for tonight, I just want to be with you..."

"I can do that for you Sakura, but let me change out of these clothes first."


As difficult as it was for Sakura, she still managed to remove her body from Ryu's chest to go up to her room and change into something more comfortable.

"I'll see you in a little bit." Ryu said, now taking his suitcase and going to his room to unpack and change his clothes as well.

Once in his room, Ryu unlocked his suitcase. After that was accomplished, Ryu then opened his suitcase. On the top of his clothes was a book and a note...


I want you to have this book. It will come in handy for you and your new relationship with Sakura. Don't forget how precious she is. Let her feel appreciated. And remember that telling her you love her and showing her you love her are 2 different things. Knowing that you would be too shy to do this yourself, I took the liberty of obtaining a couple of "special items" that will help you out. Just look inside the hidden zipper underneath the top of the suitcase. It was good seeing you again old friend, and I hope that my family and I get to see you again. Take care of yourself, and don't stop training!"


"(Ken is always looking out for me. Sometimes I take him for granted...)"

Ryu looked at the cover of the book. The title said "Everything you ever wanted to know about sex". Ryu browsed through the contents of it quickly. It was a book over 1000 pages full with pictures. The book went into detail about everything from the basics of sexual intercourse, advanced sexual positions, and even went into depth about the certain points on the human body that brought more pleasure.

Ryu then looked in the hidden area that Ken had told him about in the letter. Ryu took the items out and examined them. The first item that he saw was something called "lubricant".

Ryu looked back in the book. It just so happened that this book contained glossary and index terms as well. Ryu looked up lubricant and figured out that it was used to make entry into body openings smoother and easier. Ryu looked at the rest of the items as well. The remainer of the items were things such as condoms, edible underwear, another duplicate of the speedo that Ken wore, and a pair of handcuffs.

"Ken can be a hentai at times..." Ryu thought as he started to take off his clothes. A smirk came to his face as he held up the pair of red speedos to his face.

"But I'll do just about anything to show my love for Sakura..."

Ryu ppedpped himself completely. He then put on the speedos and sat down on a chair in his room. He looked inside the book for about 5 minutes. When Ryu looked at a picture of a couple in the "crab" position, Ryu felt his manhood wake up.

It was time. Time to feed...

Sakura had just put on her pink nightgown. Right as she was about to button it up, her door opened...

Sakura was put in a trance when she saw Ryu glide into her room wearing nothing but a sp. R. Ryu reminded Sakura of the Street Fighter Gill and his younger brother Urien, only Ryu was much sexier and pleasing to the human eye...

As Ryu approached Sakura, Sakura found herself unable to speak or move. What was this strange hold that Ryu had over her? Whatever it was, Sakura was finding that it was seriously turning her on. Her heart was racing at speeds so fast that she would have made Sonic The Hedgehog look like a snail in comparison. And her body felt so warm on both the inside and the outside. There was a fire burning inside of Sakura, and it needed to be extinguished before it got out of control...


Ryu approached Sakura and put a hand through Sakura's now long brunette hair. His hand went from the top of her head and stopped on her cheek.

"Tonight is dedicated to you Sakura. I know it has been difficult for you to live without me for a while. Allow me to show you how much I appreciate it..."

Ryu allowed his hand that was on Sakura's cheek to move to the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. Once Sakura felt Ryu's warm yet tender lips, Sakura wrapped her legs around Ryu's torso and pulled her body in closer.

Everything felt perfect. Ryu was giving Sakura exactly what she had needed. Even during their first night together, Sakura felt that Ryu was a little hesitant in the intimacy and emotional department.

But tonight...tonight was completely different. The kiss was filled with so much fire, and raw desire...neverore ore had Sakura felt such emotions...and never had Sakura realized the true potential of love giving...

Ryu laid Sakura's body on her bed, still locked in the kiss with her, and proceeded to take off her nightgown. Ryu also set the container of lubricant on the nightstand on the side. Once that was accomplished, Ryu started to place tender kisses on Sakura's neck.


Sakura lay on the bed with her arms streched out. She moaned and purred as Ryu's love kisses started to make their way down her body. Ryu stopped when he got to Sakura's bra covered breasts.

"This bra will have to go..."

Ryu reaches around Sakura's back and fumbles with the knot that is holding her thin garment together. With success, Ryu unties the knot and removes the bra revealing Sakura's lovely breasts.


Ryu feels his manhood tighten at the beautiful sight, and satisfies his hunger by taking a breast into his mouth.

Sakura meanwhile, felt her body get hot. Ryu seemed to be more aggressive then usual tonight...and that was turning her on. In all of the dreams that Sakura had of Ryu, she always imagined Ryu as the seme, that is, the dominant type that took the initiative. By nature, Sakura was a seme. In the fighting ring, Sakura liked to rush and start things off. But in her dreams with Ryu, she always wanted him to make the first move. Sakura would imagine herself as the uke, or the submissive one and give Ryu control. She wondered what it would be like for Ryu to desire her. These fantasies of the "World Warrior" always made Sakura cream her panties. And now, it seemed that her fantasies were going to be fulfilled tonight. Sakura then made a mental note to buy some laundry detergent from the store in the morning, cause she had a feeling that she was going to be doing a lot of laundry...

Ryu continued to suck on Sakura's breast, like a kitten getting warm milk from it's mother. By response, Sakura wrapped her hands around Ryu's head to allow him to continue what he was doing. She closed her eyes, and imagined that Ryu was her Prince Charming that had come to rescue her from the evil sorceror.

But just as Sakura was truly starting to enjoy all of the warmth and pleasure go thourgh her body, she suddenly felt the cold air on where Ryu's warm mouth had just been.

Sakura quickly opened her eyes and wondered why Ryu had stopped, but before she could get a word out, Ryu had taken Sakura's other breast into his mouth and started to suck.

"mmm..." was hummed out of Sakura's mouth as she went back into the serenic place where lust and pleasure existed.

Ryu had soon filled his appetite of Sakura's breasts. It was now time to move on to the next side order of the night...

Ryu b awa away from Sakura's breast and started to kiss down her stomach. Each kiss made Sakura hiss and gasp for air. Ryu stopped when he had come to Sakura's panties.

"My, my, Sakura. Wet already? Aren't we quite the hentai?"

Sakura found herself blushing when she heard Ryu say that comment.

Ryu allowed his hand to travel down Sakura's leg, quickly sending a spark throughout the rest of Sakura's body. Once Ryu had gotten to the ankles, Ryu traveled back up until his hand was on top on Sakura's panties.

"I think it's time to remove these..."

Ryu placed a finger inside Sakura's panties and felt around her moist pussy. Sakura felt her legs move in response and almost released her womanly fluids on Ryu right there and then.

'Not yet, my cherry blossom. Soon..."

Ryu pulled down Sakura's panties and felt his body go warm from seeing Sakura fully in the nude.

"Never before have I seen such an art of beauty..."

Sakura could feel her eyes water up now. She felt like she was going to cry. Not one guy had ever told Sakura how beautiful she was, not even Satoshi, the billionaire who claimed to love her. All the boys in school thought that she was a tomboy and ignored her romantically. There were even rumors spread around the school that Sakura was a dyke because of how masculine she acted. But perhaps the final desecration to her self esteem was when some of the boys in school would joke about how no man would ever find Sakura's body attractive, for she didn't have a woman's body. Even if a guy tried to rape her, it would only be out of pity. That touched a soft spot for Sakura for she still remembers the time when she and her friend Kei were almost raped by college guys. Sakura found herself wondering if those men were doing it out of pity, or because they felt that she was beful ful enough to lust after.

Sakura couldn't hold back the tears anymore. They came pouring down like a faucet that had just been turned on. Ryu quickly noticed this.

"Sakura...what is the matter?'

Sakura looked at Ryu with tears in her eyes.

"Ryu...do you think that I'm pretty?"

Ryu wondered where all of this was coming from all of a sudden.

"Yes. I find you very attractive. Why do you ask?"

Sakura had to know...if what those guys at school had said was true...was Ryu pleasuring her out of pity, or because he really wanted her?

"Why are yoing ing this? Do you desire me and my body? Or are you just taking pity on me like a little school girl?"

Ryu could sense two things inside Sakura's voice. Anger was the most obvious one. Sadness was the second one that was hidden underneath. Something was obviously bothering Sakura...but that would have to wait for another day...a day when Sakura felt it was appropiate to tell more about her past. Until thenu hau had a job to do...treat Sakura like the beautiful cherry blossom that she was named after...

"Sakura" Ryu began as he kissed Sakura's thigh. "I treasure you more then I do my training. Seeing your body makes me feel something deep that I have never felt before" Ryu continues as his kisses travel down the length of her leg. "Allow me to show you how beautiful you are and how much I love you..."

Ryu places his mouth over Sakura's big toe and sucks. Sakura can feel the fire building inside of her body once again and closes her eyes. Who knew that pleasure could be found in her feet? Sakura starts to rub her breasts alongside Ryu's gentle ministrations.

Ryu then removes his mouth from Sakura's foot and starts to make his way back up the length of her leg. Ryu kisses deep within the inner section of her leg until his mouth is over the most sacred part of Sakura's womanly body: her vagina...

Ryu remembered hearing from Ken that the vagina was to be respected. It is within these walls that all life is created. It brings forth much pleasure and much respect, for men all around bow down to it. This was the pinnacle of the woman body, and it should not be treated with anything less then royalty...

Ryu blows lightly into Sakura's warm area and smiles when he sees Sakura moan. Ryu then spreads Sakura's legs apart and gives her clit a gentle little lick.

"Ooh! Ryu!"

Ryu obviously must have been doing a good job to elicit such a response from Sakura. Knowing that he was on the right track, Ryu continues to lick at the unique flavor that can only be described as Sakura's pussy...

Wishing to get a better taste, Ryu now places his mouth completely inside Sakura's opening and laps up her sweet substance.


Sakura feels the pleasure too much for her body to bear and tries to remove Ryu's head from her opening with her hands. Ryu senses this however, and holds her wrists to the side with his hands, preventing Sakura from making any movements with her hands.

"Ryu...I think I'm gonna come..."

Sakura felt her body start to reach the limitations of pleasure and prepared for release. Right when she was about to let go however, Ryddenddenly stopped.

Sakura opened her eyes and looked at Ryu, so full of need and release...

"Ryu...why did you stop?"

"It is much harder to build up a second orgasm then it is to continue to build up the first one. After I'm done with you, you'll feel like you've suffered three..."

Ryu then had Sakura get on her hands and knees. Ryu took off his speedo and watched Sakura's face turn beet red from seeing his "shrine" wide awake.

Ryu got behind Sakura and examined his options...

He could go with doggy style...

That tended to be a favorite with most women.

But then again, Sakura also had a nice, fine, tight ass, so that opened up the option for a little anal as well...

Ryu had to think about this...Ken told him that anal had it's pros and cons. If done incorrectly, anal sex could bring a lot of pain. However, if performed the right way, anal sex could bring enormous amounts of pleasure.

Ryu was never one to back down from a challenge...

Ryu grabbed the container of lubricant from the night stand and placed a little on his index finger. He then spread Sakura's butt cheeks just enough to slip his finger into her opening.


Ryu felt Sakura's body jolt when he had touched the insides of Sakura's ass. It seemed that this area was very sensitive to touch...even more so then the vagina...

"Do you like that, Sakura?"

In her hentai state of mind, Sakura loved everything, as long as it brought more pleasure.


"Do you want more?"


Ryu took the lubricant again and put some lube on his middle finger before sticking that up Sakura's insides. The 2nd finger, along with the first, brought even more pleasure to Sakura's body.

Ryu moved his fingers in a thrusting motion, sending pleasure throughout the rest of Sakura's body. Sakura started to move along on Ryu's fingers and imagined that it was his manly shaft.

"Ryu....don't stop! More..."

"As you wish..."

Ryu stuck a third finger inside of Sakura now, and continued his delicate act. Sakura's body started to shake even more now, and had to grab on to the bedsheets.

"Ryu!! I..."

Sakura felt herself coming close to the edge again. Fortunately for Ryu, he knew the exact time to stop to keep Sakura from releasing before he had a chance to get in on the action.

Ryu pulled his fingers out of Sakura's buttcheeks and examined his handiwork. Sakura's butthole was now big enough to accomodate Ryu's enormous shaft.

Ryu looked at his manhood and smiled at what he saw.

"(Still hard...)"

Ryu applied a good amount of lubricant on his dick and then spread Sakura's buttcheeks apart some more. Ryu then grabbed onto Sakura's ass and slowly inserted the tip of his manhood into Sakura's anal opening.

Sakura's body started to shake a little, not yet used to the feeling of Ryu's dick.

Ryu continued to push until he was fully inside of Sakura. Ryu then started to thrust slowly in and out of Sakura.


Sakura's blood started to boil as the lovely feeling of lust and pleasure returned right away. Sakura felt herself getting dizzy as the pleasure was even more then what she felt earlier in the night.


Ryu started to speed up his thrusts now, and wrapped his arms underneath Sakura's body to better hold her and have more control. Sakura meanwhile, felt like an earthquake was building in the pf hef her stomach. And the rest of her body was starting to go numb.


Sakura started calling out Ryu's name really loudly. Ryu felt his stomach start to rumble from the actions happening that night.

"(So you want me to go faster, huh? As you wish...)"

Ryu sped up as beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. He knew that he wouldn't be able to last much longer. But Ryu had to hold off long enough toableable to release with Sakura simultaneously.

Ryu lay down on his side, which allowed him to thrust quicker and deeper inside of Sakura. Sakura also liked this position for it allowed her to rub her clit while Ryu continued to take her from behind. This doubled the pleasure going thourgh Sakura's body which meant one thing...

She wouldn't be able to hold back anymore...

"Ryu...I can't hold back anymore...I need to release..."

"Ok...we'll do it together..."


Sakura released her womanly fluids all over Ryu's body. When Sakura's juices started to make it's way towards Ryu's shaft, it pushed Ryu's body over the edge...


Ryu came, and filled Sakura's body to full with his cum. When Sakura felt Ryu's manly substance inside her, it triggered a reaction and made Sakura cum again...


Sakura came a second time, spilling even more of her womanly juices then before. After she was done, Sakura felt her eyelids get heavy.

"Thank you Ryu..."

Ryu pulled himself out of Sakura and wrapped his arms around her stomach.

"Thank you for showing me how much you love me..."

"Anytime Sakura...now let's get some sleep. And do eve ever forget how much I love you..."

"I love you too, Ryu. I always have, and I always will..."

With those final words, Sakura held on to Ryu's arms around her neck. She then closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Ryu didn't go to sleep just...t...there were still some questions that needed answering...the most dominant one being about this bond that he shared with Sakura.

"(I almost knew when Sakura would release. I could almost feel her pleasure in my body. This isn't just coincidence...our bond seems to be getting stronger. I'm going to have to go back to Master Gouken's dojo to figure out what is going on. Maybe some of his old writings hold the key...)"

Ryu then turned off the lamp. He pulled the sheets over Sakura and his body and let sleep take him...
Meanwhile, in a cave somewhere in Kyoto, a shadowy figure sat down on the ground Indian style.

"He has returned...I can sense him...but it is not yet time...I shall wait a little bit longer...and then I will make my move...

The left eye of the shadow figure then glowed yellow. The shadow figure got off the ground, and left the cave before taking to the sky and flying away...