Union of Rivals: Chapter 5
The Games

I open my eyes...

No. I don’t believe it...

I lost...


I look next to me, and my eyes see a fallen body.

Upon further inspection, I notice that this person has on a school uniform as well as a white headband around the forehead.

It’s Sakura...and she is down for the count...

Just then, I see Sakura’s eyes flutter open.

“Looks like it was a draw...”

“I guess so...”

I try to get up, but I fall on top of Sakura. I lift my head up and look straight into Sakura’s eyes.

Sakura looks so beautiful...even upon the conclusion of a battle.

I can feel my heart starting to race...and my breathing has gotten heavier...I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to contain myself...

I slowly bring my right hand towards the left one of Sakura’s...and entwine my fingers in hers...

With my left finger, I trace a trail along Sakura’s right cheek.

Upon doing this, I see something that I didn’t expect to see...

Sakura blushes.

Oh my...

Sakura...can you possibly have the same feelings for me that I do for you?

There’s only one way to find out...


It’s now or never, Kanzuki...

I slowly lean my head in. I close my eyes and plant a kiss on Sakura’s lips before quickly breaking away and opening my eyes.

I wait for a response...

Did I do the right thing? Or am I a fool?

I’ve given the invitation out to Sakura. Our path is in her hands now. Although we will always be fighting rivals till the end of time, whether or not we will also be lovers depends on her decision.

No one says a word. We just continue to look into each other’s eyes, waiting to see what will happen next.

I see a slight grin on Sakura’s lips that makes me blush. Does this mean what I think it does?

Sakura leans her head up slightly and lightly brushes her lips upon mine in a similar fashion that I did to her.

She has made her choice...


I caress her cheek with my finger once more before leaning down and kissing Sakura once again, this time, a real kiss...

I feel Sakura’s right arm wrap around my back and pull my body closer to hers. In doing so, my grip on her other hand tightens.

And now...all of that turmoil...all of that pain...all of that want...all of that need...becomes a thing of the past as it is replaced with a feeling that I can’t quite explain. But it makes my body warm all over...and my heart now moves at a rate faster then normal.

Can this be...love?

Seconds later, I break the kiss and take a breather. I feel like I am out of breath. But when I look back into Sakura’s eyes, I feel my strength return almost immediately...

“Do you want another, Karin?”

I lightly shake my head in approval and lean my head in to accept another kiss from Sakura.

Sakura’s lips are just like strawberries...red, juicy, sweet, sugary, natural, and most of all, intoxicating...

After this 2nd kiss, I rest my head in Sakura’s chest while she plants kisses on my neck.

“Sakura...come to my mansion with me for the rest of the day...”


I help Sakura up from the floor and we go to a bench. I pull out my cell phone and call my limo driver to pick the two of us up. I place my hand in Sakura’s, and she grabs it. It didn’t even occur to me until we sat down that it was still raining and that we are both soaked and wet.

Life is good. I feel content. Nothing could break the feeling of enjoyment that I have right now.


My father.

I’m the only daughter and only child of the Kanzuki family. I’m going to be expected to have a child in order to keep the Kanzuki generation going. And in order to do that, I’m going to have to marry a man...

My father would have a fit if he found out that his only daughter was attracted to women. When it comes to people being homophobic, he takes the cake.

He loves me to death. I’m “daddy’s little girl”. The “apple of his eye”. He is almost overprotective of me. That shows just how much he is willing to go out for me.


He can also be close-minded and stubborn. Although I know he loves me, I also have a feeling that he cares about his reputation a little bit more...

For if the Kyoto Times or Tokyo Sun were to ever print that Karin Kanzuki, heir to the Kanzuki fortune was a lesbian, then all hell would break loose. Tabloids would be at the door every day, and I would get harassed at school. And some of the companies that my father has made business deals with would go their separate ways.

Even though I consider myself bisexual, the fact still remains. Just the thought of me liking women would ruin the reputation of the Kanzuki name.

To make matters worse, my father might disown me if he ever found out how I felt.

What am I going to do? There has got to be an answer...

“Karin! Hey Karin!”


“Is something bothering you?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“Because you are squeezing my hand.”

I didn’t even realize it...poor Sakura.

“Nothing is wrong, Sakura. In fact, everything is right, ever since I confessed to you how I feel.”

I lean my head in and kiss Sakura. Once she returns it, I feel my problems go away.

Sakura is the key to my happiness, so there is only one thing that I can do...

Fuck my father.

I mean, I love my daddy, but he can’t stand in the way of Sakura and me. No one will. Which is why I can’t afford to tell Ishitaka about this either. The only person who might be safe would be the maid.

I see a black limo pull up. Good. My ride is here.

“Let’s go.”

The limo driver opens the door for us, and Sakura and I get in before the driver closes the door.

While the limo driver drives, Sakura and I engage in a little bit of “TLC”...