Union of Rivals: Chapter 6
The Games

“Bye Karin.”

“Bye Sakura.”

The day was enjoyable, but now it’s time for Sakura to go home. The limo driver has agreed to drop her off home.

We embrace and give each other kisses on the cheek. That’s a plus to being a girl. That is considered to be a greeting among women, but men it is considered homosexual. The big plus here though, is that this kiss isn’t just a greeting, it symbolizes more.

“I’ll call you.”


I get back into my limo and have the limo driver take me home.

It’s time for me to get some sleep. It’s getting late. Sakura and I have already agreed not to tell anyone about our love for one another. We have also agreed not to be openly affectionate in public. We both have reputations as rivals from different schools, and we both don’t want to ruin them.

Until the next time Sakura...

Things have been exciting for the past couple of weeks now. Whenever we had time, Sakura would sneak over to the mansion with me for a little bit of fun. It’s also been amusing to continue to play our roles as rivals. We know that the audience loved it.

Little do they know...is that Sakura and I love it just a tad bit more...

I’m actually on my way to Tamagawa high right now, and when I get there, Sakura and I will act out one of our “scenes”.

The limo driver finally pulls up to the school. I step out and cross my arms together.

“Sakura Kasugano! Bring your cherry blossom ass out to me this instant!”

As expected, I gathered up a crowd with my lewd behavior.

Let’s make this game a little bit more fun...

I notice a boy to the side. I grab him by the shirt and position my other hand over his face in a fist.

“I’m only going to say this once. Bring Sakura Kasugano out to me right now, or else I’ll use you as target practice.”

“Yes! As you wish, Karin!”

“That’s queen to you...”

“Yes! Yes my queen!”

“Now go! And don’t dawdle. I haven’t got all day.”

The boy immediately takes off for the school entrance in his quest to find Sakura. He almost falls down as he reaches the front door.

This is so amusing...

Seconds later, I see someone run out from the front door. But it is not Sakura.

“You think you’re so tough, huh Kanzuki? Well leave Sakura alone! You aren’t worth her time! Instead, face me! If you can beat me, then I’ll let you face Sakura!”

I’ve got nothing against Hinata. In fact, I think that she is a really nice girl and a good friend to Sakura. However...I do have a reputation to keep...

And this game is really becoming interesting...


“I don’t have time for you, Hinata. On top of that, you’re not even i lea league. But I “suppose” that I could fit 5 minutes into my busy schedule for you, cause that’s all the time that I’ll need to defeat the likes of you...”

I end my little speech with a smirk. And the effect that I was going for comes into play immediately.

Hinata is pissed off...

“Then prove it! Let’s go!”

“No! Stay out of this Hinata! Leave her to me!”

I look towards the front doors and I see the same boy that I sent to find my rival as well as Sakura, who are both making their way towards me.

Now the game can really begin...

“Well, well. It took you long enough to get here. I’ve been bored playing around with your “sidekick” for the past 5 minutes...”

I can see that I am really pissing Hinata off. I have to fight not to laugh. This is all so funny...

“I didn’t realize it was time to give you your ass whipping for the week, Karin. Well here it comes!”

Sakura comes through the crowd and eyes me face to face. Seconds later, we both get into fighting stances.

“Don’t feel too bad after I humiliate you in front of your school, Sakura.”

“I will not lose in front of my school. You will!”

Sakura and I now trade punches with each other. It’s all for show though. We go fast enough to make it look real, but go a tad slower then usual to prevent actual injury.

Even though none of our attacks connect, the audience is eating it up. While the crowd is mostly pro-Sakura, I can hear a couple of chants for me.

Well the crowd has gotten their free show for the day. It’s time for Sakura and I to wrap this up.

“I really want to beat your ass, Kasugano, but I don’t want any innocent bystanders to be a liability. So why don’t we continue this fight elsewhere?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Midori Park.”

“Let’s go.”

Sakura and I walk over to my limo and get in. We both try hard to contain laughing at our act. As soon as the limo takes off and there is no one in sight, I grab Sakura’s face and pull her into a kiss.

“mmm...I’ve missed you, Sakura...”

“As have I...”

“Your acting was excellent, sweetie...”

“You were the one that really stole the show, Karin...”

“Do you think anybody suspected anything?” I say, resting my head on Sakura’s shoulder.

“Not a chance.” Sakura answers, wrapping an arm around my body. “Although Hinata has been trying like crazy to find out what’s going on between us...”

“Perhaps we’ll tell her in a week or so.”


“Listen, are you doing anything tomorrow night? Cause I want you to come over to my mansion for a sleepover. My parents are going to be out of town for about a week, and I want someone there with me to keep me company...namyou.you...”

“I’ll be there. But what about the fight?”

“We’ll just say it was a draw.”

“That works.”

“Now, lets get over to my mansion. I haven’t seen you in 2 days, and a Kanzuki always gets her way.”

“My wish is your command...”

We both laugh before engaging in more intimate activities again.

This role-playing really is fun...