Union of Rivals: Chapter 7
The Games

It’s finally Saturday. Sakura has just arrived at my mansion with some stuff for the night. I greet her in an embrace and then whisper into her ear.

“It’s so good to see you, my love. For the next 24 hours, I have you all to myself...”

I see Sakura slightly blush. She has an idea of what I have in store for her, but Sakura isn’t thinking big enough. What Sakura has in mind is only a “sample” of what I wish to do to her...

After dropping her stuff off in my room, Sakura and I head back downstairs to have some dinner.

Sakura takes her chopsticks and immediately digs into the rice that is set before her. I’m glad to see that she is eating, cause she will need all of that energy later...

I also eat my food, but most of my attention is on Sakura. It seems that I’m not really interested in dinner tonight. Instead, I want to get to my “dessert” right away.

I brush my foot on Sakura’s leg and smirk when I see her jump up slightly.

“Is something the matter, Sakura?”


I continue to rub my leg on Sakura’s under the table. As much as she tries to deny it, Sakura knows that this is making her hot.

I stop playing with Sakura and attempt to eat my food as well. I’m also going to need my strength for the activities planned for tonight, even though I will be the one initiating them. But just as I put a piece of fish into my mouth, I feel a tingling sensation on my leg.

I look over at Sakura and she has a smirk on her face.

I see what she is doing...

Payback. For what I started earlier...

I get up from the table and move to the seat directly next to Sakura. No one is home but Ishitaka, the maid, Sakura, and myself, so I can risk being affectionate with Sakura right now.

I take my chopsticks and grab a piece of fish with it. I then place it into Sakura’s mouth.

Sakura chews the fish that I fed her and then takes her chopsticks and gets some rice with it.

“Your turn. Eat up.”

I open my mouth and allow Sakura to feed me. For the rest of the meal, Sakura and I feed each other.

We eventually finish our meal and go upstairs. While Sakura lies down on the bed and watches some satellite TV, I briefly go downstairs and give the maid a list of things that I will need for the night.

Once the maid sees the list, she raises an eyebrow.

“Miss Kanzuki...”

“I know...I’m not quite old enough for some of the stuff on the list...but you understand, Aka. I love Sakura...and I want to shor hor how much I do in the best way possible.”

My maid Aka gives me a heartfelt smile.

“Karin...I never said that I wouldn’t do it...like you, I am also attracted to women, a secret that I have only shared with you. So I understand how you must feel. Don’t worry; I’ll come through for you tonight. Ishitaka or your parents don’t have to know. This will be our little secret...”

“Domo arigato, Aka...”

I give Aka an embrace and just stay there for a couple of minutes. Aka has always been close to me as well. Sometimes, I preferred to ask Aka certain requests instead of Ishitaka. And I’m not sure if she is aware of this or not, but I also find Aka to be very attractive.

I then let Aka go and go back upstairs while Aka gets in her car to take care of the “errands” on the list.

As soon as I get back into my room, Sakura tackles me to the floor.

“You’ve been gone too long! Now you must suffer my wrath!”

Sakura grabs a pillow and swings it at me. I grab one too and we exchange blows before ending in another kiss.

It’s now time to begin phase 3 of my plan.

“Play some video games or something…” I say to Sakura as I grab a towel and a washcloth. “I’m going to get in the shower.”

“Ok.” Sakura says before she kisses me on the cheek. “Don’t keep me waiting for too long…”

I blush as I grab a red nightgown and go into the bathroom.

After removing all of my clothing, I step into the bathtub and turn on the cold water. Finally, I turn the shower faucet on and allow the water to drip down my back.

I have to stay calm and collected. If I turn the water on warm or hot, I will start to think about Sakura and waste my energy before I have a chanc use use it on her. I must discipline myself a little bit longer…

Come on, Karin…patience…

I take my washcloth and rub the bar of soap between it. Once I have gathered enough soapsuds, I then scrub my body with it.

This cold water doesn’t seem to be helping, for I am still finding myself thinking about Sakura. Looks like I better hurry things up then…

I let the water rinse the soap off of my body before applying some more soap to my body. I repeat the procedure of lather and rinse once more before turning off the shower water.

I step out of the tub and dry off with my towel. I put on my nightgown, intentionally leaving out the bra and panties. It will just make things a lot easier for Sakura and me…

I dry my hair off a little bit with my towel before setting it down.

Looks like I’m going to need my blow dryer after all…

I finally step out of the bathroom and see Sakura playing one of my fighting games called “Raiken” (thunderfist). Sakura is beating the crap out of the final boss and then 3, 2, 1…

She has completed the game…

“Whew! That was easy!”

Easy? It took me 3 days to beat the game! This is one of the hardest fighting games ever, and Sakura managed to beat it in less then thirty minutes?

I shouldn’t be surprised. Sakura always has loved her video games. It is the only thing that Sakura likes besides martial arts.

“Great game, Karin. I think I’ll go take a shower now.”


Sakura goes to her items and pulls out a blue nightgown as well as a clean pair of underwear and a new bra.

“You don’t have to worry about a washcloth or towel. I have plenty. Use one of those.”

“Thanks, because I forgot to pack that in…”

“Sakura!” I say, trying hard not to laugh. “How could you forget something like that?”

“Kiddi Sak Sakura says as she sticks out her tongue at me. “I’m not that stupid!”

“I’m going to have to punish you for this now…”

“Go ahead…”

I walk up to Sakura and grab her chin with my right hand while pulling her in for a kiss.

“I will”. I smirk, just seconds after breaking the kiss. “As soon as you come out…”


Sakura takes her change of clothes and goes into the bathroom to take her shower.

Once I hear the running water, I get my blow dryer out of my drawer and stand in front of my vanity mirror. I plug in the dryer and let it do its magic.

It seems that the towel actually took care of most of the work, cause my hair is dry in seconds. I unplug my dryer and put it up. I then go towards my multimedia section and look through my collection of DVD’s.

“Where is it?”

Why is it that whenever you are looking for something, you can never find it, but when you don’t need it, its always there? The DVD that Ishitaka gave me a while back has been visible to my eye ever since I received it. But now that I need it today, I can’t seem to find it…

Let’s see…rethink where it might have been last…I wanted to keep it protected because it is very rare and valuable, so I…

I remember now! I hid it in my drawer with the lock!

Ok, where is that key?

I find the key by my nightstand and go back to my locked drawer. I unlock the drawer and then pull it open.


Inside is my most personal collection. My diary, and the DVD that Ishitaka gave me.

As soon as I grab it, Sakura steps out of the bathroom with her blue nightgown on.


Sakura has no makeup on or anything, and she looks like a goddess. The natural look really does wonders for her.

“What’s this that we are about to watch?”

“It’s a surprise...”

Sakura sits down and cuddles close to me while I insert the DVD into my DVD player and press play on the remote. For a second, the screen is black, but it is then replaced with the main attraction.

TV: “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this Street Fighting tournament! The event this year is sure to be one that you will not forget! Several fighters have entered this tournament in hopes of becoming the new “King of Street Fighters!”

“Let’s skip to the important part.”

I select the scene that is the main attraction contained on this DVD that just happened to be the main reason for me getting it in the first place.

TV: “Throughout the day, several fighters from around the globe have shown their fighting spirit. But in the end, only one has managed to survive the finals till the end to face the King of Muay Thai, Sagat. Not even Sagat’s protégé Adon was able to defeat this warrior who hails from Japan…”

I glance at Sakura. She is almost in a trance by what she is seeing. I think she knows what is about to happen, but just wants to see the confirmation.

“Before we introduce our challenger, let’s introduce the champion! From Thailand, the King of Street Fighters and a master of Muay Thai, Sagat!”

On the TV, Sagat enters his corner. He crosses his arms and waits for his opponent.

“And from Japan, the challenger, a rookie upstart who has managed to defeat all of his opponents, Ryu!”

While S got got much applause from the crowd, Ryu gets nothing but hisses and boos. It seems like the audience thought that Ryu was lucky or that his wins were all a fluke.


Sakura mumbles his name while her arms hold on to me tight.

TV: “Ready! Begin!”

Sagat approaches Ryu and tries to use his size to intimidate the young Shotokan warrior. Ryu isn’t fazed however...

This footage on DVD was essential in my match with Sakura. By studying Ryu’s older days, I was able to figure out some strategy to use against Sakura. Plus, I know that Sakura has always wanted to see the match that made her idol a legend, so I figured that I would kill two birds with one stone and obtain this footage. It was actually pretty easy for me to do. All I did was contact the arena where this fight took place and ask for a copy of this particular fight. Of course, the cost to get this footage that was originally on VHS transferred to a DVD would cost the average person a lot. But for a Kanzuki, money is no object.

The match has gone on for 10 minutes now, when I hear a knock at the door. I open it and it is my maid Aka at the other end, with all of the items that I have asked for.

“Thanks again, Aka. Is there some way that I can repay you?”

“Well, I want to take my girlfriend Neko to that new gaijin restaurant that opened up in town. They serve what I believe is called “Soul Food”...

“Consider it done. You and Neko already have reservations.”

“Thanks, and Karin...”


”Have a good night...”

Aka finishes her statement with a mischievous grin and a wink before closing my door and going to pick up her girlfriend. I take out my cell phone and immediately call this restaurant. I have them leave the bill on the Kanzuki name, so Aka and her companion won’t have to pay for a thing.

As I close my cell phone, I look over at Sakura. She hasn’t moved an inch ever since I put the DVD in. This is a side that I’ve never really seen of Sakura before. While watching the TV, Sakura is peaceful, quiet, and in her own world. Sakura almost reminds me of her idol in this state.

After putting the items away, I look back at the TV. The “scene” is just about to happen. Ryu is down on one knee, and it looks like he is about to lose. Sagat approaches Ryu to deliver the final blow, but has his guard down. Before Sagat can prepare to block, Ryu delivers the infamous move that would make him known for years to come...


Like the mighty dragon that he is named after, Ryu thrusts into the air with all of his might and strikes Sagat with everything he has. Sagat howls in agony as the flesh from his chest area is burned from the power of Ryu’s fist.

Upon looking at Sakura, I see that her eyes are as big as saucers and her mouth is wide open.

I’ve seen this scene at least five times ever since I got this DVD from Ishitaka, but it still makes my heart stop to see it. I always knew that Ryu was powerful, but hearing it and seeing it really are two different things...

I sit down next to Sakura and watch the conclusion of the video with her. Once it is over, the screen goes black. I take my remote and press eject. I put the DVD back into its box cover and then turn to face Sakura.

“Sakura, I feel that you should have this. Consider it a gift from—“

My speech is cut short from Sakura’s warm mouth pressed against mine. I drop the DVD on the floor and wrap my arms around Sakura’s waist and pull her body closer to mine.

Already, I can feel the rage of desire burning deep within my body. However, unlike all of the other times that Sakura and I have been togetheonigonight...there will be no interruptions...tonight...I will have Sakura all to myself...tonight...there will be no worry for time or other engagements...and tonight...I will show Sakura the full extent of my love for her. I will be as intimate with her as possible...for tonight...I will hold nothing back...

I bring Sakura over to my queen size bed and have her lay on her back. I get on top of her and continue the kiss that Sakura had initiated.

Sakura opens her mouth to take some air in, and I take this opportunity lip lip my tongue into her mouth. Sakura is slightly puzzled, but moans from these new emotions felt. Seconds later, Sakura’s tongue meets mine, and our kiss is now on a whole nevel vel altogether.

I break our kiss, and now gaze over Sakura’s lovely body.

I have longed and desired Sakura ever since I knew that I liked her. There would be nights when I couldn’t sleep because Sakura would be on my mind. And I would often wake up “wet” due to my dreams of uniting myself with Sakura.

Well tonight, I’m finally going to get my wish. My dream is finally going to become a reality.

“Sakura…” I say, as I stand up, “Tonight, I will show you the full extent of my love…”

And with those final words, I open up my nightgown and let it fall to the floor, revealing my nude body to Sakura for the very first time.

I see Sakura gulp and blush at the exact same time.


I lie back down on the bed and kiss Sakura before she can say anything else.

“Sakura…” I say, as I nibble at her neck. “You are very beautiful. Allow me to show you how much…”

I remove Sakura’s nightgown as well as her undergarments.

I almost lose my train of thought as I gaze at the Cherry Blossom in all of her entirety, but I remember that I had a task to fulfill, and I wasn’t going to stop until I got to satisfy her.

“Karin-chan…” I hear Sakura mumble while her face is as red as her namesake. “I…I…”

“Most men, but not all, don’t really know how to please a woman. They think all they have to do is “stick it in”, and everything will be cool. A lot of them don’t realize that in orderbrinbring maximum pleasure to the female body, you have to focus your attention on the entire body, not just the general area. No one understands the woman body better then another woman, Sakura…”

As if to prove my point, I bring my lips back to Sakura’s neck and plant light kisses around it.


I feel Sakura’s body immediately start to loosen up and relax from my actions.

Good. That’s just the way I want it…

I let my tongue out of my mouth and lick my way down Sakura’s neck until I get to her chest area.

“Our breasts are very sensitive…” I say, as I pinch Sakura’s nipples with my hand. “A lot of men just want to bite at them like they are pieces of fruit. Now while that is enjoyable for some women, a lot of women don’t like that. We prefer soft, delicate touches.”

I bring my mouth over Sakura’s left breast and suck tenderly. The result is Sakura continuing to moan my name and her arms wrapping themselves around my back.

I then break away and give Sakura’s righeasteast the same attention that I started on the left. Sakura’s breasts continue to harden from the pleasure that I give her.

I can feel adrenaline rushing through my blood from being so in control tonight. This is exactly what I needed…

I remove my mouth from Sakura’s breasts and kiss a trail down her stomach until my face is over her vagina.

“Do you like this, Sakura-chan?” I ask, while I insert my index finger inside Sakura’s warmness.

“H-hai…K-Karin…chan…please…don’t stop…”

“I don’t intend to…”

I slip a second finger inside of Sakura now, and allow them both to take a journey. I then bring my lips directly to Sakura’s clitoris and lick lightly, causing Sakura’s entire body to jump.


What most men don’t know is that it is not just the vagina that brings a woman pleasure, but mainly the clitoris, which is a part of it. This is why a lot of us women are often left feeling unsatisfied sexually.


I continue to lick at this sensitive area while fingering Sakura’s pussy simultaneously. I look up at Sakura briefly and see that she is biting her nails.

“Karin-chan…I…can’t…hold it in any longer…”

I know that Sakura is about to release, but I take this opportunity to remove my fingers out of Sakura.

“Why…did you stop?”

“Because…” I purr. “It would be much too soon for you to release now. I’m not done with you yet…”

I place my fingers back inside Sakura and start to kiss my way down starting with Sakura’s thighs until I get to her ankle. I can feel Sakura’s body becoming a lot more tender and relaxed with each and every action that I perform.

“Do you want me to make you release Sakura?”


I lie on my back and pull Sa’s l’s legs between mine.

“Then…if that is what you truly want…we will release together…in the way that only women can…”

No, I’m not talking about using dildos and vibrators. That is only a woman using artificial toys. I will not cheat myself like that. For my first time with Sakura and my very first lesbian experience, I want to show her my love through the way that is known as tribadism.

This legendary style of lovemaking requires one rule: The participants must be women. This is the pinnacle of female lovemaking, and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

I rub my vagina against Sakura’s while holding her legs with my hands. This feels awkward at first…but we soon get the feel of it.

“Sakura-chan…you feel so good…”

Sakura realizes that she is having an effect on me and starts to put a lot more energy into the motion. It is almost too much for me to handle.

“Yes…that’s it…more Sakura…I need it…”

“Be careful what you ask for Karin-chan, cause you just might get it…”

After saying those words, Sakura speeds up her tempo that I can’t keep up with her.

“Sakura…I can’t take it anymore…Sakura…”

What just happened? I was supposed to be the one in control tonight? But it seems that Sakura has turned the tables on me.

I mean…crap! I can’t hold back anymore…I’m going to release before Sakura! Damn you, Sakura…you were supposed to release first…

But if I’m going down, I’m taking Sakura with me…

“So that’s how you want it, huh Sakura?”

Using what little of my strength remains, I speed up my tempo to try and get Sakura into a weakened state.

“Whoever releases first has to give into submission Karin-chan!”


Sakura and I continue to rub against each other in a quest to see who will come out on top. Both of us are in a weakened state, so this battle won’t last long.

Crap…I can’t hold it any longer…I have to let it go…



My eyes see white as a tidal wave of pleasure rushes over my body from the top of my head to my stomach. It then reaches my womanhood and lets loose my precious honey like a storm. While I’m doing this, Sakura releases her lovely juices as well.

“pant…pant…that was good…Sakura-chan…”

“Yes it was…”

Sakura and I lie down on the bed still connected from our legs.

“But you know…that I won…”

“I don’t think so Karin…”

“Yes I did…”

“No you didn’t…”

“There’s only one way to settle this…we are going to have to have a rematch…”

“So be it…”

“Are you ready?” I say as I grab Sakura’s legs once again.

“Bring it on!” is Sakura’s reply while she grabs on to my legs.

10 minutes later, both Sakura and I are lying down in my bed cuddled close together. Looking at the clock, it is about 1:00 in the morning. Both of us are getting sleepy, but there are a couple of things that I must ask first.

“Sakura…” I say while caressing Sakura’s cheek with my finger. “There’s something that I’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time now…what are…your feelings for Ryu?”

Sakura’s eyes are closed, but she is awake and thinking of a suitable answer to my question. After a couple of seconds, Sakura opens her eyes and looks into mine while her hands grab on to one of mine and caresses it.

“I admire Ryu…he is one of the reasons why I fight. I also feel a connection to Ryu that simple words just cannot explain…it is true that I am in love with him, but…the odds of him actually being there for me are rare. If by some strange chance Ryu starts to feel the same feelings for me that I do for him, then I’ll deal with it at that time. But for right now…I have you, and I don’t want to lose that. I love you, Karin Kanzuki, and I hope to always be yours…”


Normally I don’t blush and allow my emotions to get the best of me, but Sakura has just left me speechless with her words. In verbal battle, I am undefeated. I have no equal. There is not a soul that can best me in talking. But here is Sakura…who hast cst confessed her true feelings for me and taken my breath away. Sakura’s spirit isn’t just found inside her fighting, but also her heart. I knew there was a reason why I fell in love with her.

“Your turn!”


I have no idea what Sakura is talking about. “My turn?” What does meanmean by that?

“It’s your turn to confess Karin! I want to know how you feel about Ken!”

Ken Masters…the US Martial Arts champion…as well as the most handsome man I have ever laid my eyes on…

“Well…as you know…Ken is already married…so I have no chance of getting with him…but…I have always had a crush on him and almost wished that he would somehow get a divorce with Eliza and then come to me. I still fantasize about Ken to this very day. However…he is just a fay. y. My reality…has always been you, Sakura. I’ve always wanted to be with you. You are the one that I have always loved. You complete me, Sakura Kasugano…”


Now it’s Sakura’s turn to blush from my confession. Her reactions reflect mine perfectly.

“Let’s get some sleep, Sakura. Tomorrow I want to take you shopping and do some other things.”


Sakura and I share a quick kiss before I turn out the light and pull the bedsheets over us. Sakura lays hea hea my my chest and closes her eyes. I wrap my arms tightly around Sakura and let sleep take me.

A Kanzuki always gets what she wants…