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Hadouken (Surge Strike)
1st Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 2
Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch (can press punch an additional 2 times for more power at the cost of distance)


Like her idol Ryu, Sakura seeks to master the famous projectile known to the Shotokan fighters.  Unlike the other Shotos however, Sakura is able to channel more power into her Hadouken by pressing the punch button an additional one or two times.  There are 3 different forms of Sakura's Hadouken, the version shown here is her most powerful form.  Every time you press punch an additional time, Sakura's fireball gets slightly bigger which makes it harder for her opponent to avoid.  In addition, the attack will also do more damage being powered up.  However, all this comes at a price;  More power also means less distance.  Seeing that Sakura is still a novice with projectiles, they will all fizzle out after they have gone a certain distance (with the exception of her level 1 hadouken).  The distance and speed of Sakura's hadouken depends on what level it is and what punch button you press first.

Shoouken (Rising Great Fist)
First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 2
Forward, Down-Forward, Forward, Punch


This is Sakura's version of the Shoryuken.  However, it is this move that sets Sakura apart from Ryu, Ken, Sean, and Akuma.  Sakura charges forward and strikes the opponent about 3+ times before finishing off her attack with a rising uppercut.  While the Shoryuken is mostly an anti-air defensive move, Sakura's Shou-ouken is not.  With the exception of using a jab punch Shou-ouken, Sakura always charges forward first, so what this means is that if you are thinking of knocking an opponent out of the air with this move, then you had better think twice since the results won't be the same as the other Shotos.

Shunpuukyaku (Spring Wind Kick)
First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha 2
Down, Down-Back, Back, Kick


Sakura jumps up into the air and attacks her opponent with a spinning kick attack.  Very similar to the Hurricane Kick that Ryu uses, but it doesn't go completly horizontal.  Instead, Sakura moves in an arch, moving up, then moving back down to the ground.  The distance travel and number of kicks executed is determined by the kick button used.  In Capcom Fighting Evolution, Sakura adds a ground kick near the end of her attack to catch her opponent off guard.