Union of Rivals
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This story was originally published on November 11, 2003.  That's right!  This story is almost 2 years old!
I've finally decided to bring this huge gem over to the R/S shrine ever since I decided to reformat my fanfiction section.  A couple of things about it.
1) This was my very first attempt at writing yuri ever.  So basically, this story will have yuri.  Don't like yuri, don't read it.  This is also the very first Sakura/Karin yuri ever written.  Not shoujo-ai, but lemon.
2) While Karin Kanzuki is "technically" the main character of this story, Sakura's role as co-star is sufficient enough to allow this story to be posted (I'm only posting SF stories here with Ryu or Sakura as the main character or co-star).
3) This was originally written as a one-shot, but the one-shot ended up being very long that the content surpasses some of my other stories with chapters.  Due to this, I was forced to break this story up into 7 chapters otherwise Tripod wouldn't take it.  Also, there is the possibility that I will write a sequel.  Just not sure yet.
For those of you that want to see the story in it's entirety without chapter break-ups, then here is the link:
Whatever format you choose, enjoy!
Kanzuki’s are always winners...

That is a belief that my father has placed in me ever since I could walk. We had to win everything; we had to be the best at everything.

Ever since I learned martial arts, I have done my best to uphold this family tradition.

But there is one person who has soiled and tainted the reputation of the Kanzuki name...

Her name...is Sakura Kasugano...

It is at her hands that I have suffered my first, and only defeat.

In order to reclaim honor for my family, I must defeat her in combat.

And then...once I’ve tasted victory, her lips will be next...

We all have our little secrets...well this is mine...

I’m attracted to Sakura...

Society tells us that liking someone of the same gender is dirty, ugly, wretched, disgusting, and that anyone who thinks that way should be hung.

But my heart...it completely disagrees with this opinion born out of hatred.

From the moment that I first laid eyes on Sakura, I knew that I was somehow drawn to her.

But its not just her looks that have got me infatuated.

Whenever we fight, I can see and feel the ambition, passion, and desire of the sport in Sakura’s eyes. Street Fighting is not just a hobby to Sakura; it’s a way of life.

It is perhaps this characteristic about Sakura that I am attracted to most.

I c sle sleep...eat, heck, I can hardly think anymore. Sakura has entered my heart, mind, and soul, and with each passing day, the little part of Sakura that is already in me grows some more.

It has come to a point where I can’t hold it in anymore...

I lock my bedroom door and lie down on my queen size bed. I pull my panties down and slip two fingers into my already wet pussy.

My tolerance for lust compared to most is very strong. In fact, the only person who could possibly beat me would be a nun that has vowed celibacy for the rest of her life.

However...even I have my limits. You’d think I would have lost it long ago when I met Ken Masters, the U.S martial arts champion, but in all actuality, I’m not attracted to Ken. I just think he is really cute. And besides, he is already taken. Eliza is a lucky woman. If Ken didn’t have Eliza, then it would be a different story...

But back to my predicament...Even Karin Kanzuki has her limits on how much lust she can take before she loses it. I’m surprised I lasted this long. Most guys don’t last a week, and us girls can usually go up to a month, but I managed to survive for 3 months. One quarter of a year.


My fingers thrust inside my womanhood, and my mind imagines that my fingers are instead Sakura’s, thrusting inside me as a symbol of her love for me.


That name is music to my ears...those eyes are as beautiful as the sea...and those legs are so feminine, yet strong. I have to have you...


I release my womanly fluids on my fingers. Some of it drips onto my bedsheets. Shit. How am I going to explain this to Ishitaka?

It is then that I remember that although Ishitaka is my personal butler, he doesn’t mess with anything that involves my room. The maid does. And my hidden secret just happens to be hers as well. She also happens to like women.

So at least I won’t have to worry about this little “mess” I made...

I pull the top bedspread from the top of my bed and toss it to the side of the floor. I then pull the remaining covers over me and turn out the lamp.

Sakura...I can’t hold it in anymore...I’ve got to tell you how I feel...or rather...show you...

But that is something that will just have to wait until tomorrow. I need to get some sleep now...

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