Union of Rivals: Chapter 3
The Games


I shout a karate chant as I hit my punching bag with one of my patented Gurenkens.

Today is Wednesday, so that only gives me a couple of days to get ready.

Sakura...I hope you’re training hard for this fight...cause when we face each other on Saturday, I won’t be holding back...

I’m going to beat you...and then, I’m going to hug you, then kiss you, then pull your panties down so I can...


Crap...I’m doing it again...I’m flushing...I haven’t been able to keep my mind off of Sakura ever since I got home.

And that will be my weakness, come this Saturday if I’m not careful...

I’m going to have to put my love for her aside and imagine her as just another opponent, or rather, the person that has stolen the pride from my family. Then, I can start phase 2.

Well that’s enough practice for today. Even with Sakura in my head, I was still able to get in a decent hour of study.

I grab a towel from the towel rack that Ishitaka is holding and wipe my forehead.

“Are you ok, Miss Kanzuki?”

“Sure. Why do you ask?”

“Although it’s not any of my business, you looked like you were distracted...”

“It’s nothing, Ishitaka. I’ve just been tired. That’s all. Thanks for your concern. What’s for dinner?”

“Lemon fish topped with steamed broccoli served with white rice on the side and Caesar salad.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be at the table in 10 minutes. Now leave me.”

“As you wish...”

I’m almost tempted to tell Ishitaka how I feel about Sakura. I mean, he has been my personal attendant ever since I was a baby. He has always been there for me when daddy was too busy or around just for a shoulder to cry on. Despite how I treat him sometimes, Ishitaka is very dear to me and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.


Sounds like I’m hungry...

The cook outdid himself tonight...dinner was exquisite.

Now for a little entertainment...

I grab my remote and flip through my 600+ channels available on satellite. After about 10 minutes, I turn the TV off and throw the remote on the bed.

Damn. You’d think with all these channels including ones from around the world, there would be something interesting on...


“Who is it?”

“Ishitaka, Mistress Kanzuki.”

“Come in.”

Ishitaka opmy bmy bedroom door and enters through it. In his right hand is a package.

“What’s that?”

“The “special” item that you requested just arrived.”

I get up off of my bed and take the item from Ishitaka.

“Thanks. Oh, and Ishitaka...”


“Take tomorrow off.”

“You are too kind.”

“No, you are. Sometimes I fail to acknowledge how special you are to me.”

I give Ishitaka a hug before he smiles and exits my room, closing the door with him.

Ishitaka really came through for me tonight; cause this item just might be what I need to handle my issues with Sakura.

I take the item out of the cardboard. A DVD is found inside.

Good. This is exactly what I wanted. This will indeed help me out with Sakura.

I’m almost tempted to give Ishitaka 2 days off instead of one...

I turn back on my TV and pop in my DVD. From the first thing that I see, I already know that the information that I will have obtained will be crucial with Sakura.

I can’t help but smirk. Things are so going my way...

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