Union of Rivals: Chapter 2
The Games

Tamagawa High...the school of my nemesis...Although I’m not a student here, I know where and when Sakura will be at what locations around the school. Let’s just say that I have a special tracking system that allows me to track down Sakura. I guess you could call it “gaydar...”

Sakura gets out of school at 3:00, and about 3:10, Sakura and her best friend, Kei Chitose, will exit the school and walk towards their respective homes or go to get something to eat. Sometimes, Hinata will accompany them. Fortunately for me, I get out at 2:45. But I am not the least bit concerned about getting out of school on time. I could leave if I wanted to at any time...I just consider it a courtesy to the school on my part by waiting for “official” dismissal like everyone else.

I glance at the clock. 2:35. Only 10 more minutes to go until I am given my freedom for the day. And I can’t wait for those 10 minutes tme, me, cause I am getting sick and tired of all the male population gawking at me like a piece of meat.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind being the center of attention. I enjoy watching the boys trying to impress me. It is one of the few things that I enjoy about school. But today, I don’t feel like being bothered by it. I just want to be left the fuck alone.

“Karin! psst...hey Karin!”


“You look lovely today...”

I look at the boy seated next to me. His name is Aoi Mizuryu, son of legendary fisherman Murasaki Mizuryu. Out of all of the guys here at my school, Aoi is the only one who doesn’t act like a total hentai everytime he sees me. It is because of this that he has sorta become my “gay best friend” that I tell my problems to, except for the fact that Aoi is not gay.


I give Aoi a smile...a real smile, in fact, my first one for the day. I kinda feel sorry for Aoi. He is a really sweet guy and a gentleman, but none of the girls here pay him any mind. Those skanks are going to regret it one day. Once Aoi takes over his father’s business, he’ll be able to have any woman he wants. I’ve got to do something for Aoi.

“So...what’s on your mind?


“Then why are you completely red in the face?”

Kuso! I forgot that I was still thinking about Sakura! She has me flushing and I don’t even realize it! It’s a good thing that Aoi is whispering to me...

“There’s someone that I have a crush on...”

“Do I know the person?”

“In a way...”

“Care to tell me the name?”

“Sure...but not now. After school.”


It’s not that I don’t trust Aoi to keep my secrets, but it’s the fact that I’m still in school. I don’t know how the school would feel if they found out that I was attracted to another girl.


Great. School is out for the day. Time to put phase one of my plan into action.

I leave the classroom and go out the main doors of the school. My limo driver is already waiting for me, and as soon as I get in, I already have my place of destination ready.

“Tamagawa High. And step on it.”

“As you wish, Miss Kanzuki.”

Seconds later, I am already in front of Tamagawa High school waiting for Sakura and her classmates to evacuate the building. I look at my watch.

3:00 on the dot.

Good. Good timing.

Five minutes pass, and finally the moment that I have been waiting for arrives. I see Sakura leaving the school, but Kei and Hinata aren’t with her.

That’s even better then I could have expected. No back up to cause any distractions.

Right as Sakura is about to leave school grounds, I open the side door of my limo and step out. Immediately, I hear voices yelling “Karin Kanzuki!” everywhere, but I block all these voices out. There is only one voice that I want to hear right now, and it's Sakura’s.

“3:00. This Saturday. Midori Park. Don’t be late.”


I then get back into my limo and start to pull off from the school. Before I am almost out of sight, I see Kei and Hinata starting to crowd Sakura.

“What was that about, Sakura?”

“I’m not sure Kei, but you know how Karin is. She is determined to beat me...”

“Need any help, Sakura?“

“No thanks, Hinata. I’ll manage. Thanks anyway.”

“Ok. How about a soda?”

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